Best way to find out when top investors of stock x buy/sell ?

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    Meaning what's the easiest/most accurate source to type in a stock's name and find out the activity of the top shareholders? For example investor A who owns a ton of shares bought ( or sold ) x amount of shares on this date.
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    Institutional holdings are delayed in reporting buys and sells. By the time the public learns about it, it could be weeks or months later. They are required to file a Form 13F on edgar after the quarter they made the trades.

    You can use the Nasdaq site to see the top shareholders upon entering a ticker symbol such as AAPL

    Insiders must post a Form 4 on Edgar. You can use same search area to find 13F's.

    Once you learn top shareholder names/entities you can even search for only that person/entity.
    (Example: Bradford L Smith - President Microsoft & Director Netflix)"Smith Bradford L"&sort=Date&formType=Form4&isAdv=true&stemming=true&numResults=10&numResults=10

    You can use a site like GuruFocus. They have an algo that spits out all form 4's filed in reverse chronological order.

    Or Finviz has similar info at the bottom of each individual stock page such as Apple. - scroll to the bottom of the page. Also tells you how many shares they have total after the transaction.

    Happy Insider Hunting!
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