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  1. ulle73

    ulle73 New Member

    which one is the best paper trading site? If you want a full platform...
  2. Thierry Martin

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  3. materics22

    materics22 New Member

    Thank you Thierry Martin for the link..
  4. cheezehead

    cheezehead New Member

    ThinkorSwim has the Papermoney account you can open up for free. I use that quite a bit.
  5. shulink

    shulink Member

    You can open an account with OptionsHouse or ThinkorSwim, they offer really great virtual accounts where you can paper trade.
  6. John Bradford

    John Bradford Member

    Any of the sites mentioned above will work fine. However, give a few a try and see which you would like best when you graduate to real money. Different sites offer different things. For example, OptionsXpress is great for paper trading options. Other sites stink at options. ThinkorSwim is the gold standard for trading options but it is more complex. So if you are comfortable with a platform that has lots of dials and knobs to turn, that would be where you might go.

    I use Charles Schwab for stock trading and research. I use ThinkorSwim for options trading.


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