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    The "Chart of the Day" is Oceaneering International (OII), which showed up on Wednesday's Barchart "NYSE 12-Month High" list. Oceaneering on Wednesday rallied by 1.20% and posted a new all-time high of $46.28. TrendSpotter has been Long since Oct 18 at $42.36. Oceaneering on Oct 26 reported Q3 EPS of 72 cents, well above the consensus of 53 cents. Oceaneering International, with a market cap of $4.7 billion, provides engineered services and hardware to customers who operate in marine, space and other harsh environments.


    How we found the Chart of the Day:

    We found the "Chart of the Day" by scanning the Barchart "All Time High" list. In order to get to that list, we first clicked on the Stocks menu item on the Barchart home page, then on the "All Time Highs" menu item on the left menu bar. We then sorted the list by percentage gainers by clicking on the "Percent" column title. A stock that has posted a new All-Time high is typically showing strong upside momentum.

    The status of Barchart's Opinion trading systems are listed below. Please note that the Barchart Opinion indicators are updated live during the session every 10 minutes and can therefore change during the day as the market fluctuates. The indicator numbers shown below therefore may not match what you see live on the web site when you read this report.

    • TrendSpotter: Buy
    • Short-Term Indicators: 100% Buy
    • Medium-Term Indicators: 100% Buy
    • Long-Term Indicators: 100% Buy
    • Overall Average 100% Buy

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