AYRO =MC $38 M / Shares Out 12.5 M = Next TESLA here ? MEGA OPP

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    (AYRO) Market Cap $38 Million / Shares Out 12.5 M / has Cash untill late Q1 of next year / manufactures and already starts selling electric vehicles / COMPLETELY UNKNOWN COMPANY which went Pulic a few days ago = Undiscovered and MOST CHEAPEST EV maker out there could be a MEGA LIFETIME OPP like TSLA was at $20 in 2011 .STRONG BUY SUPER DUPA AGGRESSIVE and GL

    Ayro Inc (AYRO)

    Markt-Cap: $38 million
    Price: $3.20

    Shares Out: 12.5

    Video Presentation and more infos (Watch It)

    AYRO Along With Strategic Partner, Club Car, Expand Into Higher-Ed Market at Princeton and Penn State

    According to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (ASSHE), there are over 1,800 colleges and universities in the U.S. that have fleets of at least 400 vehicles. This represents a base of over 535,000 vehicles that are in need of converting over from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. With an average conversion price of $14,000, this represents a potential market of more than $7 billion.

    AYRO, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of purpose-built compact, light-duty emissions-free electric vehicles for urban, commercial, consumer and government markets, announces the Company’s first vehicle deliveries of its Club Car 411 to Canada and Mexico through its strategic partnership with Club Car, Inc. ("Club Car").

    AYRO, Inc. (AYRO), is a designer and manufacturer of purpose-built, automotive-grade electric vehicles (EV). The Company´s EV models include AYRO 311 and Club Car 411. AYRO 311 is a three-wheeled vehicle with inline seating and four-door access for professional and personal use. The Company offers its AYRO 311 with multiple configurations including fully enclosed two-seater, half doors and one-seater with the cargo area. The Club Car 411 is a compact all-electric vehicle suitable for low-speed logistics and cargo services. The Company offers Club Car 411 with multiple bed configurations including a fully enclosed box truck, pickup bed and flatbed. AYRO delivers electric vehicle solutions for campus management, last-mile delivery, urban commuting and closed campus transport.
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