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    Awesome New Service from CNBC's Matt Maley

    Beyond the Fundamentals Now.

    Matt Maley marries together macro, fundamental and technical analysis to create a total picture of the current markets and how they’re moving.

    Matt is a highly respected Wall Street veteran who spent more than 35+ years on the Street’s most powerful trading desks like Salomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch before becoming a market strategist at Miller Tabak + Co. 10 years ago.

    Using his extensive trading background he has established a terrific track record for making actionable calls at key turning points for stocks.

    Don't miss this chance to take advantage of a professional analyst's key insights to improve your own stock market performance.
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    If you are an investor that believes in fundamentals but aren't quite sure when to buy and sell; this service could be of interest to you. There are not too many analysts willing to tie everything together.

    Note: I'm not affiliated with the above-mentioned service. If anyone tries it please leave your feedback in this thread.

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