ADOM (MCap $19 M) CHEAPEST Electro car maker ..MASSIVE Upside

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    "Adomani, Inc. is engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing electric and hybrid drivetrain systems for use in new school buses and medium to heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles. The Company also designs, manufactures and installs conversion kits to replace conventional drivetrain systems for diesel and gasoline powered vehicles, electric or hybrid drivetrain systems. The hybrid drivetrain systems are available in both an assistive hybrid format and a full-traction format for use in private and commercial fleet vehicles of all sizes. The Company's product offering includes transit bus, cab-over-engine trucks, walk-in delivery van and shuttle bus. Transit bus offers a range of models, including EV250, EV300, EV350, EV400 and EV450. Cab-over-engine truck is built for a variety of logistic needs. Walk-in delivery van is a commercial vehicle. Shuttle bus is built with a hybrid drivetrain."

    Adomani (ADOM)

    Market-Cap: $19,5M
    Price 0.27

    SharesOut: 73,5 M


    Products ofthe Company

    Bulls Take Charge of Adomani Inc (OTCMKTS: ADOM)

    Currently trading at a $17 million market valuation ADOM is an exciting story developing in small caps; the Company is fully funded moving forward with solid financials and they have been around for years and used to trade on the big boards. ADOM operates in the booming EV space and is emerging as a revenue powerhouse in small caps reporting $12.6 million in sales for the year ended December 31, 2019 representing a more than 100% increase from the year before.

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    nice move today ,could hit $1 this or next week
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    Major breakout could start anytime now ..this is a minimum $4 stock


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