ACRS =MC $44 M/ Cash $115 / Phase 3 readout imminent

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    BRUTAL Hot Rebound Play which is massive underpriced here trading wayyy below cash

    Market Cap $43 M / Cash $115 M or untill end 2021 / 2 Marketed Products / 1 Phase 3 trial (common warts) with results expected in Q4 2019 and many other phase 2 programs / because of their strategic change they wants to out-license all their Prodcuts which means HUGE upfront payments for the company (more infos below)= CHEAPEST Biotech you can get at this time could triple easily ..

    Aclaris Therapeutics (ACRS)

    Market Cap: $43 M
    Cash: $115 M or enough untill end 2021
    Price: $1.08

    Aclaris Therapeutics Announces New Strategic Direction

    ACRS aquired a attractive drug from Allergan last year paid $65 m upfront alone for this drug which they now looking to outlicense .


    Largest Shareholders:

    Deerfield Management Company LP...5 893 416
    Franklin Advisers, Inc....3 953 203
    BlackRock Fund Advisors ...2 359 223
    Broadfin Capital LLC...2 280 260
    D. E. Shaw & Co. LP....2 049 462
    Sofinnova Ventures, Inc.....1 911 573
    Vivo Capital LLC ....1 647 214
    Fidelity Management & Research Co...1 562 190
    Polar Capital LLP...1 443 920
    The Vanguard Group, Inc...1 142 022

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    the cheapest biotech you can get trading massive under cash who has 2 approved drugs and another phase 3 asset with results expected any day now ...

    Morgan Stanley reports 5% passive stake in Aclaris Therapeutics...08/29,2019

    This new strategic direction includes the following actions:

    Actively Seeking a Commercialization Partner for RHOFADE® (oxymetazoline hydrochloride) cream, 1%

    Aclaris will also seek strategic partners for ESKATA® (hydrogen peroxide) topical solution, 40% (w/w)

    Aclaris is actively seeking a strategic partner to commercialize its drug candidate A-101 45% Topical Solution, an investigational compound being developed as a potential treatment for verruca vulgaris (common warts). The Company’s two ongoing Phase 3 pivotal clinical trials, THWART-1 and THWART-2, in which A-101 45% Topical Solution is being evaluated as a potential treatment for common warts, are progressing as planned. Aclaris has completed enrollment of more than 1,000 patients across these two trials, and data from both trials are expected in the second half of 2019.

    Aclaris is actively seeking a development and commercialization partner for its drug candidates, ATI-501 (oral) and ATI-502 (topical), which are investigational Janus Kinase (JAK) 1/3 inhibitor compounds for the potential treatment of alopecia.
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    Major breakout to $2+ could start anytime now

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    New Exploding in pre mkt up 100% or $2.10 which is still below the $2.80 cash per share ..terrible underpriced
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    if your a shareholder please put a high gtc sell order in $5 or higher .thank you

    Q:What can you do to prevent your shares holdings from being shorted?

    A: Now what can the average personal investor do to stop their own shares being shorted, as believe me your own broker, if approached, WILL sell your own shares that they hold on your behalf as a nominee account.
    There are two things you can do, the first is to certificate them but this is not obviously to everyone’s advantage but the alternative solution is simple. All you do is to phone your broker and put an order in saying that you wish to place your shares for sale at, for arguments sake, double today’s price. As they are ‘on order’ they cannot be lent out by your broker and in turn you are reducing the amount of ‘free shares’ out there that can be used for shorting purposes. And don’t forget to move your limit order up when the price starts to recover, then, that way your shares can’t be shorted – not much but helps :D.

    Although an individual personal investor will not normally have enough shares to halt a concerted shorting attack, if a large number of holders did this it would reduce the overall amount of shares that they could get their hands on.

    In my opinion well worth doing if not only for the knowledge that your own shares cannot and will not be used in a short attack against the very share that you own.

    ACRS = Market Cap $57 M / Cash $115 Million or unteill late 2021 EXCLUDING big Upfront payments from partnering for their 5 drugs which expected shortly / 2 APPROVED Drugs / FULL pipeline including a Phase 3 asset with strong results and large market potential / Strong Insider and Institutional ownership...One if not the cheapest Biotech in the Sector .GL


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