Banking On Profit - Tim Melvin 2014-06-28

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    Banking on Profit by Tim Melvin


    Bank stock recommendations from a value investing icon.

    There's an untapped treasure trove of value in under-the-radar bank stocks. Tim Melvin calls the banking sector his "Trade of the Decade," and for good reason: the banking sector is home to some of the market's biggest bargains. In Banking on Profit, Tim Melvin will help you find the most promising plays.

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    Banking on Profit by Tim Melvin
    As a leading voice on value investing and a writer for "Real Money," Tim Melvin knows his stuff. So when he dubbed local and regional bank stocks as his "trade of the decade," he raised eyebrows on Wall Street and across the world.

    With nearly a bank on every corner nowadays—it’s easy to see that this industry is “overbanked.” And the only way these small banks have to grow their business is to expand their market share by buying other banks.

    This is a FANTASTIC “predicament” for investors who like to make money! Because, with a glut of cheap banks poised for acquisitions and mergers, there’s plenty of opportunity to multiply your investment.

    And investors who utilize Banking on Profit to determine which small banks could double, triple, or quadruple in size—have the potential to make millions in the process.

    With Banking on Profit, you’ll enjoy access to Tim Melvin's portfolio of undervalued bank stocks and receive his well-researched trade recommendations in real-time.

    Many of the recommendations will be for banks with market caps below $50 million.

    These nano-cap banks are a virtual gold mine because they’re flying under the radar of mainstream investors. You can’t call up your broker and request research reports on these small banks.

    They’re simply not big enough for brokers to cover. That’s where Tim Melvin’s expertise comes into play…

    He digs deep through disclosures to identify the small banks whose shares trade below tangible book value. He only provides recommendations for stocks that meet his strict criteria for a healthy, deep-value bank:
    • The stock is selling below tangible book value
    • Has tangible equity-to-assets ratio of at least 5%
    • Has a non-performing loans ratio below 2%
    • Has a loan loss reserves to non-performing loans ratio of at least 1
    As a Banking on Profit subscriber, you’ll enjoy:
    • Real-time Recommendations: Each trade is chosen due to its potential to multiply your profits. The moment Tim finds an opportunity, he’ll send a real-time buy alert straight to your email inbox.
    • Plain-English Commentary: Tim also emails you with easy-to-understand details on why he thinks the stock has the potential to soar.
    • Weekly Insight and Analysis: You’ll receive weekly insight from Tim on everything banking- and deep-value related. As well as what small stocks he’s eyeing, which ones are surprising him with their earnings reports, and potential opportunities in the sector.
    • Full Access to Tim’s Independently Verified Portfolio: You’ll get full range to view his previous recommendations—including up-to-date growth and portfolio returns.
    • Exclusive One-on-One Messaging: Tim is available to answer any questions you have about banking sectors, current opportunities, or value investing in general. You can also message him to ask whether there’s still time to get into previous recommendations. Either way, you get unlimited access to Tim Melvin’s nearly three decades of industry experience!
    • “Insider’s access” to the Banking Industry: Tim’s ability to analyze disclosures gives him enormous insight on nano-cap stocks flying under Wall Street’s radar. You won’t find information on these “little guys” anywhere else!

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    Tim Melvin

    As a 27-year veteran of the financial services and investment industry I’ve served as a broker, advisor, and portfolio manager. I’ve combined this nearly three decades of experience with my love of value investing in order to help investors worldwide to multiply profits and build their nest eggs.

    As an avid value investor, I’m a strict practitioner of “asset based value investing” in the tradition of Graham, Schloss, and Whitman. Never having attended B-School, except as a lecturer—I take pride in the fact that I’ve not been corrupted by EMH, CAPM, or other silly theories that harm long-term investors.

    I’ve written and lectured extensively on the markets, with work appearing on,, as well as numerous articles posted in Active Trader and the Wall Street Digest. I’ve published several investment guides in Wiley’s “Little Book of” Investment Series.

    I’m also the author of the Junior Chamber Course on Value Investing— an education program geared towards young adults that teaches the principles and techniques of basic value investing, conveying Graham’s principles to a new generation of investors.

    In my personal life I’m married with three children, recently abandoning the brutal cold of the Northeast for the warmth and distraction that a life in Windermere, Florida, provides. I’m an ardent fan of baseball, books, and burgundy as well as palm trees, pelicans, and alligators.