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Mar 31, 2021
Jun 22, 2005
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Thierry Martin

supreme commander

won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

All systems go! Jul 28, 2015

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Mar 31, 2021
    1. geojad
      the high for the day for kshb has been 2.77 and the trades went through at 2.80 what is going on?????????

      Symbol Order Date & Time Trans Date & Time Type Shares Exec Price
      KSHB 4/3/17 9:35a 4/3/17 9:50a Buy 1955 $2.80
      KSHB 4/3/17 9:35a 4/3/17 9:50a Buy 1955 $2.80
      KSHB 4/3/17 9:34a 4/3/17 9:49a Buy 1955 $2.80
    2. geojad
      Thierry, I do believe do believe last week I won penny contest and weekly contest, I don't believe you increased my scores.
    3. Rich
      Hi Thierry, its been a while since I've been here. Do you still have the chat style room available for real time trading? I dont see it anywhere. Thanks
    4. geojad
      Thierry, thank you, YOU ARE THE GREATEST !!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. geojad
      Thierry, regarding Dec 4 penny contest. -28 vs -10, isn't -10 higher than -28?
      Or has contest changed to the lowest score?
      1. Thierry Martin
        Thierry Martin
        You are right! My brain processed the winner as the person with the biggest number, disregarding the positive/negative part. Thanks!
        Dec 7, 2015
    6. geojad
      Thierry, explain to me how -28 vs -10 in this weeks penny contest.
      Is the game now to go for the highest low?
    7. geojad
      Thierry, thank you for: Double header winner, congratulations geojad! Thierry, you fave me credit for penny contest to 73, but you forgot to give me credit for weekly contest, it should be 39. Thank you for all the efforts you put in week after week running these contest. It is greatly appreciated.
    8. Thierry Martin
      Thierry Martin
      All systems go!
    9. geojad
      Sorry I picked a penny stock not listed on Yahoo.
      Good you left me out for the week.
    10. WolfOfWallStreet
      I think I won the weekly contest, market is closed tomorrow lol
    11. geojad
      Thierry, I do believe I won both the weekly and penny contests.
      1. Thierry Martin
        Thierry Martin
        Looks like you only won one! Sorry!
        May 1, 2015
    12. SwingKing22
      Hey Thierry! Can you add me to the simulator please?
    13. AirVeezy7
      I won lasts MONTHS simulator!!! What's the prize? If there is no prize I am cool with the FAME AND GLORY!!!
      1. Thierry Martin
        Thierry Martin
        keep forgetting to remove the "Win a prize" in the title. Send me your address by private message and I will send you an Elliott Wave trading book by Prechter.
        May 1, 2014
    14. Thierry Martin
      Thierry Martin
      Still working on this upgrade!
    15. Rat Fink
      Rat Fink
      Hey Man, what do we do with Symbol changes on a thread. AAAA is now TEXX.
      Start a new thread for TEXX or do can it be changed.

      AAAA is now Emperial Americas, Inc. (TEXX)
    16. txjeff
      Howdy Thiery; I'm interested in starting a group where the focus is "The $200 per Day Group", or similar. The idea is the group with some of the interested smart folks of the forum to focus on a specific plan to earn a target of $200/day. This would mean cherry picking stocks and coming up with an entry, target exit, an agreed price range, number of shares, etc. My goal is to make it like a job with a planned income that is far more dependable as a team effort than as an individual effort. It would probably mean setting up a folder for that groups threads. Do you think this is doable? I could create a poll to see who might be interested. Cheers, Jeff
    17. likesmoney
      In my recent post, would it be possible to replace the second chart with this chart.


      I inadvertently drew something wrong.

    18. cannoncocker
      Hi thierry
      How many times does someone need to win stock pics to win the trading dvd?
      rodney eagan
    19. airlift123
      I would like to ask you what your take is on an investment in silver. I myself see silver hitting $60.00 this year. I'm thinking about risking 50% of my portfolio on silver
    20. Billionaire Boy
      Billionaire Boy
      Mr. Martin,
      I have this animated GIF thread in the off topic forum. Is there any way you could change the first post in the thread from its current picture to a simple message that says, "Post Animated GIFs here" or something like that? Thanks, BB
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