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Apr 19, 2010
    1. Rat Fink
      Rat Fink
      NCT I know nothing, but they pay dividends. Good stock below $3.00 and a good flipper at $3.25. My gut says now dividends are paid today and it will go down. Just my gut lookinmg at it and knowing human nature. Could be a good buy below $3.00 and be ready to buy more as it sinks to hit the bottom and wait for the next $3.25 spike.
    2. Rat Fink
      Rat Fink
      IMGG has a great story. All the set backs with the FDA process has worn down investor confidance. They are up for their last reply for more info to the FDA. April 5th was the submittal date. Many feel if Dean can get a few radiologist to say the photos are a useful, the submittal is a garantee FDA approla and IMGG becomes a CatScan MRI gamne changer. Toshiba or GE WILL buy the company out for big bucks.
      But if Dean stall the reply by so much as a day the price will tank something ugly and that meand the Radiologist haven't given Dean waht he needs. My gut says the Radiologist should have already been all over this devise.
      I like it and sold out on this last spike to play SFIO rteveneue report April 15th.
      After Dean submitts the reply I'll be looking to get back in if you can. It may be a $1.00+ stock till FDA announcement. I hate FDA plays. The only way to play em is get in early score a bfew spikes and trade fro free shares and ride free shares into any FDA play.
    3. eman316
      Hey man,
      Thanks for getting back to me. You seem like you know your stuff around here and I am always looking for fresh opinions.
      Are you holding onto SFIO or getting into IMGG.
      I was also looking GDHI, but I think I missed the boat on that one.
    4. Rat Fink
      Rat Fink
      316, one of my fav numbers. HWY316 lead me straight into Athens Georgia. Spent many a hour driving it!!

      What you have to look at? I'm out of stock picks till SFIO takes off
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