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Jan 29, 2012
    1. doublereed
      Not sure WP. He's always stated that this site is anonomous and has protected his members. Sorry for the delay in response time.. I've been busy lately.

      Take your time to read others' posts and search for already posted topics on the forum. Add to or ask questions where needed. Take your time. You WON'T learn how to trade over night. Pick out 1 or 2 points to work on and when you've got them down move on to the next couple points. That way you won't be on "information overload" either.

      Have a nice day.

    2. WolfPickle
      Hey DR, I wonder why this would happen? I posted this to the site administrator's visitor message. I hope I have not done anything wrong to any of the posters or broken any rules..

      Mr. Martin, why would my posts be under moderation all of a sudden? I have been polite, supportive, and inquisitive in the nature of all my posts, and I am really trying to understand some of the strategies that are presented here. Thank you very kind Sir.
    3. doublereed
      If you want to meet up sometime and chat I'd be game for that.I live in Western MN and travel to Eastern MN all the time for work.
    4. duke
      doublereed enjoy your videos, now that I seem to have my vista working. I see you are from MN. So am I, but soon to bail to TX for the winter. Keep up the good work and thanks.
    5. doublereed
    6. pburggra
      Doublereed, if you get a chance, how do you feel about mgm? I see a couple patterns, but because I am relatively new I am not sure if they are legit (they are not perfect, but then again I guess no pattern is perfect).

      I'm still holding azk, got a new price objective today. They raised it to $7, it's down 3%.

      Thanks for all your help.

      - Phillip
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