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    1. TraderPete
      check out kaboom stocks dot com it's a great site that hsa some great tip offs. a money making room with laughs thrown in. Good group[ of people. Tell em traderjake sent you.
    2. Bolimomo
      Oh, okay. No problem. Understood. I am a high-speed momentum scalper. I get in and out a position in minutes. Sometimes in seconds. I just don't have the patience or experienced enough to ride a swing as I am often wrong. I am good at predicting the price for the next 5 minutes, but not longer than that. So I am very uncomfortable making predictions on the price highs/lows as I am >80% wrong. But I scalp-trade them just the same. And I flip my positions from long to short and short to long often during a run. So... anybody who follows me would be very dizzy. LOL!

      Yeah, today (11/13/08 Thu) was a record setting day for me. Rank #3 this year. Today I only traded SKF and no other stock. A $45 intraday range. Where can you find this kind of stock and volatility! :)
    3. Horsefish
      Boli: Didn't mean to snipe at you like that. I also do this every day and have been scalping GS, EEV, FXP, and others. You seem to be making some good calls and I am always on the hunt for ideas. Just had one koolaid to many after a really good day.

      I never thought that I could make so much money so fast doing this. It does take constant attention to the minute by minute and hour by hour action though.
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