Blaine Tarr
Jun 22, 2009
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Blaine Tarr

forum leader, from Colorado

won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x

Let's Trade May 22, 2019

    1. timorito
      long time, how can we chat?
      1. Blaine Tarr likes this.
      2. Blaine Tarr
        Blaine Tarr
        Timorito - I sent you a private message. Plus, in one of my last few posts I linked to a webpage with my phone/email info. Happy trading!
        Aug 24, 2019
    2. timorito
    3. Blaine Tarr
    4. electricblue
      Where you hanging out now? I was looking for SFB.
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    5. newtothis
      Hey Blaine. I just click your follow button and visited your other site. Keep up the good work.
    6. NullOcean
      Hello Blaine, Thierry recommended I speak with you about getting involved with Penny Stock. I am new to the markets, and just want to hit the ground running with some basic tips from you on how to go about trading on the Penny Stock market. Thank you in advance for your assistance and guidance!

      You can reach me directly at so I can reply immediately.
    7. Mabrouk
      hi Blaine we have exchanged some messages in the past you did not like me being hooked to flki but have a look now you had convinced me to stay away but now i am tempted something is going on lately...any feedback from a pro will be much appreciated
      1. Blaine Tarr
        Blaine Tarr
        I'm not interested in the FLKI scam anymore. It is just a waste of my time. Good luck if you gamble on it.
        Mar 28, 2014
    8. IHMJack
      niec to meet you sir! you stated "I trade and teach others about breakout/momentum short-term stock trading. If interested send me a private message and we can talk more." can I get more info about that? thank you
    9. gofins
      What type of intraday scanner do you utiize and some tips on finding those subpennies and pennies I see on the watch list. Trying to figure out when to strike on a day trade as I watch L2 am not advanced enough to know which way market is swinging on those which is why I jumped out of DGRI but would liked to have gone day before just was not seeing it as quick as you. Any tips on research and reading L2 please advise and I will do my homework. Of course I also understand I need to get up to speed with the stocks that you tend to run with more and hopefully as soon as ASP comes out I can grow my account quicker to do as you advise.
    10. mmcdonald2k

      Thanks for all the positive feedback.

    11. jaredfelix
      Hey BUD wakeywakey lol hope you dont have a hangover lol ;p
      anywho, im doing some hardcore studying today on school cause theres always more to learn right. and i right with you about your post you quoted me on about trading just on momentum and the charts and what not. but do you agree with me that news like george nadaff being released could bringgg momentum? anyways hope youll look at SNPY and let me know what you think before monday, and i wont be bothering you to look at any other picks, ill just keep a watch on your thread from now on =] thanks for the help buddy.
    12. Anna C
      Anna C
      Hi BT, thanks for your thoughts on MTL and WFT. Today nothing really happened, I put stop loss for WFT $19.90 and wanted to sell half if it reaches 23.60 It didn't moved down or high and I'm thinking is it a good or bad signal? My portfolio is down since yesterday but I didn't sell anything. What's your view for the market? Is big correction here already or it may be worse? I read lots of scary stuff on the site and as I'm very new to trading I'm getting nervouse. Sorry about silly comments as you are most probably absolutely fine during ups and downs but I'm not sure what I should do. Should I rely on the comments about market crash?
      Thank you very much for your time and sorry if I asked not a technical question which could sound a bit silly
      Many thanks again for your time!!!!
    13. Anna C
      Anna C
      Hello! I'm new here but I watch your posts and I like them a lot althought somehow never executed your trades which is a shame! Finally want to do it but just wondering....What is your view on TNAV? Is it too late to buy it now?
      KEYN is 17.427 now. What is your reentry point (if you still consider it) Many thnaks!!!
    14. BlueSteak
      hey BT, been out for awhile. I remember you saying something about putting together a website with your picks and trades. That ever pan out?

      Edit: Just kidding. Found it!
    15. Rat Fink
      Rat Fink
      If you like to play the gaps down check out ABK and CBIS

      Playing both with bottom entries. ABK is there. CBIS may go down even more till Dividend news closer to the end of the Month.
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