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won april/06 simulator won weekly contest 13x won feb/07 simulator won jan/07 simulator won nov/06 simulator won mar/07 simulator
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Dec 21, 2009
    1. Investmentforthefuture
      Hey aiki, I was just taking a second to thank you for the effort you have put into this for me! :D Much Thanks!
    2. aiki14
      For the record, If I was viewing the thread where the photo's are discussed when you checked my profile, it was to see the responses to my thread, and No pictures are posted there, nor do I care to see them.
      Also you should post your questions in the Stock discussion section of the forum so you can get more than just my opinion. If you only seek my opinion you should use the private message feature, not the profile visitor message.
    3. davie08
      Im planning on taking my $5,000 tax free plan to play on 2 stocks for all of it. I would like to know what your 2 stocks would be if you were doing this and Id like to know what you think about my 2 picks here they are: Bank of America(bac) I chose this stock because of the great dividend and Jim cramer was loving this stock today and Yahoo financial also gave it a good recommendation. My second pick is Manulife(mfc) I chose this stock because it also has an ok dividend and yahoo financial gave it a good recomendation plus its also used in a mutual fund that Im involved in Im not sure if Jimcramer recommened it but Im sure he has.
      I see your looking at photos that show rape and sex abuse in Iraq jails you can take your time.
    4. Horsefish
      Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for tweeting that link to the story on polo horses at Wellington the other day.

      My wife's mother was a steward of horse shows. Both Grand Prix and Polo. Some of which were in your neighborhood, Devon, PA. Also in Chagrin Falls, OH and Wellington, FL. Leah Stroud. We are still connected with a lot of people that travel in that circle.

      The death toll of horses at Wellington is now up to 21. My wife cried.

      We have some friends who operate a breeding facility down there and will let you know what the outcome of the investigations are.

      Thanks again for the alert.
    5. OptionsPlease
      OK did some research on bonds and whats stopping me from getting an Equity-Linked Note (ELN). You are guaranteed 100% of amount invested with no interest times the underlying stock say the DOW 30...... Right now getting something like that and waiting atleat 10 years sounds pretty good to me wouldnt that top any muicpal bond or investment grade bond?
    6. Rich
      BTW, those working on the tests work for an independent company and not the owner of the drug, if that makes a difference.

      I personally think its NOT inside trading, people work at plants and if they are working on an engine thats going to get 200 miles per gallon I certainly would want to invest in it.

      What do you think?

    7. Rich
      Hi Aiki
      STNA and GSK,

      STNA had news last month and the stock went up nicely. Read the news about their research.

      Well, my question is this, If I know someone who works with these tests, and they talk about the tests and how their going, and i envest in these stocks, is this 'inside' trading?

      Wouldnt inside trading be a situation of me hearing from someone with a company who is going to make a statement?

    8. wallstreetsedge

      It has the appearance that folks are coming here with agendas, Like Kthom,
    9. aiki14
      Looks like I'll be there a few times over the next year and a half, and I am not investing, we are there to help with your new zoo construction. I spoke with Ilsur Metshin today and he assured me the folks there are just fine with that, American or otherwise.
    10. RuslanKuramshin
      I'm coming back to Kazan in October, right now traveling to Europe, North and South American and Africa if i will still have some time left before school starts, but I'm coming back in the beginning of October, if you still will be there looking forward to this game, also compared to Moscow we have really strict rules in Kazan about Americans, as we have way too many American investors in Kazan they are given almost like diplomatic status and people are scared to touch them. Also if you wanted to start an online championship among other players in here, this can be cool too, we can see who is the best at chess and create a tournament ...
    11. RuslanKuramshin
      Kasparov is a great man, only one from famous people in Russia who didn't kiss Putin's ass, i respect him, if you respect him i respect you, doesn't matter what you think about me or my family .
    12. RuslanKuramshin
      Idiot can't even play chess i bet, my party leader is Kasparov... You are little booger, you can play chess with monkeys ! And still lose !
    13. greeninyou2003
    14. CarpeDiemX
      Hi, just testing my connection!
      Did you recieve?
    15. tombstone
      Hi Aiki,

      Thanks for the info man. Send me some info i can read and get started with.
    16. Thierry Martin
      Thierry Martin
      As so often before, aiki14, you are the voice of reason. Thanks for your observations, and the very valuable contributions you make to the forum community here with your prolific posting.

      The last thing we want to do is to babysit any posters by reviewing everything they submit, however in the capacity of administrators and moderators, we have an obligation to provide an environment in which every voice can be heard, and every poster can feel safe expressing their opinions, or asking questions, no matter how naive or self-serving their ideas may appear to others. We will not let the integrity of the forum be compromised by disrespect and intolerance, we are here to discuss trading and investing ideas, not each other.

      If the impression you get is that we are allowing only people with a certain agenda to proliferate, we aren't doing our jobs properly and we will have to make adjustments to correct this problem. In the meantime I hope that you have confidence that the decisions we make as administrators and moderators are for the continued growth and success and usefulness of the forum. Feel free to express any concerns that you may have as changes are made, your opinion is highly respected by us as well as the community you contribute so much to here.
    17. aiki14
      Thierry, if anyone sent those messages they should be immediately banned. It's not defensible. But the stuff in the chatroom looks Bush league, you should be above that.
      It appears the forum is under attack from these tout sheet promoters. But that is from my point of view. I don't want to see folks throw their money away. You have to try to make a profit with this forum so taking ads is a necessity, but you're giving the appearance of supporting what I see as a criminal enterprise when you allow these folks to proliferate. It may be from mine and others limited understanding of the machinations and relationships of managing the forum that this impression is erroneous, but that's the impression that's being put forth.
      I am not defending anyone who engages in attacks, whether it be on you, or the forum by disgruntled members, or unsuspecting naive newbies preyed upon by these scammers. I am also not so impressionable that Luc or anyone else can influence my judgement.
      I hope you are successful in making this forum into what you have envisioned, and while I don't post here with that in mind, I believe I have been positive toward that end. I urge you to carefully consider what you do at this juncture .
      Best of Luck
    18. Thierry Martin
      Thierry Martin
      Here is another heart-warming message from one of the people you are defending:

      "So, uh, what have you been neglecting while trying to figure out if you can find a button of mine to push? Your kids probably huh? I'm sure they will understand how important it is for you to play my game though."
    19. Thierry Martin
      Thierry Martin
      To address your point specifically, I have a hands off policy, as you know, because heavy-handed moderation never succeeds other than to alienate everyone. What is going on now is attacks on me for defending posters who were being trashed by grunt because he had decided they were working with me to promote a program I once advertised. Since I was being accused in a public forum of things that I did not do, I felt it was appropriate to intervene. The moderation decisions were based on threats of vandalism to this forum, none of which you saw. You also didn't have to spend your time deleting new users posting links to Here is one nice message I received from one of the "moderated four":

      "It was both satisfying and humorous to watch you spending an hour of your time dealing with me. I remember the last time I played this game I was able to get the admin to put so many barriers in place for registration or even guest viewing that new member rate of enrollment dropped significantly. As I told him, that's a win for me."
    20. Thierry Martin
      Thierry Martin
      I couldn't agree with you more, I always stay out of these brawls, but I have been repeatedly trashed by grunt and will not tolerate these attacks any more. He always links me to some sort of conspiracy and claims that I am in league with new posters, that I falsify statistics, etc. That is why he is on moderation. And many of the other posters that you complain about are also moderated. Why would we treat the regulars here with less respect than new posters without a track record. You are just repeating what grunt keeps saying, which is untrue. He keeps attacking my integrity, seems to have convinced others and I am being treated with absolutely less than zero respect. I am not going to let my efforts to run this forum properly be ridiculed and lied about. I don't have to respond to paranoid and insane unsubstantiated accusations. Grunts mission is to discredit me, and it has worked if someone with your character thinks I am not "coming off well in this." There is nothing I can do if everyone would prefer to go somewhere else, it won't stop me from growing this forum into what I envision it to be.
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