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  1. goldismyfriend
    Buying heavy into gold juniors as the COVID virus continues to ravage companies around the world.
  2. Bruce Wright
    Bruce Wright
    Is there a website that tries to predict winning stocks?
    1. Blaine Tarr
      Blaine Tarr
      So many! Check out my 'who to follow on twitter' post and check out the websites of those folks who you like their tweets. Do your homework before joining any group.
      Sep 6, 2019
  3. timorito
    timorito Blaine Tarr
    long time, how can we chat?
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    2. Blaine Tarr
      Blaine Tarr
      Timorito - I sent you a private message. Plus, in one of my last few posts I linked to a webpage with my phone/email info. Happy trading!
      Aug 24, 2019
  4. timorito
  5. Blaine Tarr
  6. geojad
    geojad Thierry Martin
    the high for the day for kshb has been 2.77 and the trades went through at 2.80 what is going on?????????

    Symbol Order Date & Time Trans Date & Time Type Shares Exec Price
    KSHB 4/3/17 9:35a 4/3/17 9:50a Buy 1955 $2.80
    KSHB 4/3/17 9:35a 4/3/17 9:50a Buy 1955 $2.80
    KSHB 4/3/17 9:34a 4/3/17 9:49a Buy 1955 $2.80
  7. zyzzyva57
    Adopt your next pet from you local Kill Shelter -- Start with maybe the most unwanted first
  8. geojad
    geojad Thierry Martin
    Thierry, I do believe do believe last week I won penny contest and weekly contest, I don't believe you increased my scores.
  9. MarkG
    Ora et labora!
  10. Rich
    Rich Thierry Martin
    Hi Thierry, its been a while since I've been here. Do you still have the chat style room available for real time trading? I dont see it anywhere. Thanks
  11. grson01
    Happy New Year to all. lets chit chat.
  12. geojad
    geojad Thierry Martin
    Thierry, thank you, YOU ARE THE GREATEST !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. geojad
    geojad Thierry Martin
    Thierry, regarding Dec 4 penny contest. -28 vs -10, isn't -10 higher than -28?
    Or has contest changed to the lowest score?
    1. Thierry Martin
      Thierry Martin
      You are right! My brain processed the winner as the person with the biggest number, disregarding the positive/negative part. Thanks!
      Dec 7, 2015
  14. geojad
    geojad Thierry Martin
    Thierry, explain to me how -28 vs -10 in this weeks penny contest.
    Is the game now to go for the highest low?
  15. BullishGuru
    Watching $DRAM for the rest of the month
  16. geojad
    geojad Thierry Martin
    Thierry, thank you for: Double header winner, congratulations geojad! Thierry, you fave me credit for penny contest to 73, but you forgot to give me credit for weekly contest, it should be 39. Thank you for all the efforts you put in week after week running these contest. It is greatly appreciated.
  17. Thierry Martin
    Thierry Martin
    All systems go!
  18. geojad
    geojad Thierry Martin
    Sorry I picked a penny stock not listed on Yahoo.
    Good you left me out for the week.
  19. WolfOfWallStreet
    WolfOfWallStreet Thierry Martin
    I think I won the weekly contest, market is closed tomorrow lol
  20. Helder Silva