Your Desktop Trading Setup?

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  1. newcatintown

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    What does your trading desk consist of?
  2. jlcnuke

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    I use thinkorswim flexible grid charting on my right monitor to watch trends of multiple stocks/indexes and EUR/USD chart to monitor trades and the market action, and scottrade elite, mainly for level 2 info with velocity and forces, on my primary monitor. I use TOS active trader for day trades and scottrade for my swing trades and investments. Overlayed on primary monitor I also have stocktwits and OTF chat. On secondary I have CNBC up but without volume so I can see news but not get commentators opinions.

    Oh, my primary monitor also has my real job stuff on it.

    And I keep a simple list of my "trading rules/strategy" on my desk to remind myself to try not to break my rules.
  3. zigzagman

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    Photo of my multi-monitor Trading Platform:

    I have four monitors hooked up to my computer...A 23" Acer Widescreen LCD on my desk which shows up on the far right of this screenshot, and three 19" Acer LCD monitors to the left of the big one on a bookshelf that sits at a 90 degree angle to my desk...

    What you see in this screenshot is only three of my monitors...My fourth monitor, which sits to the left of the Scottrade trading platform is used for surfing the internet looking for market related news, and posting on the numerous stock market forums I am a member of...I spend most of my time on IHUB, because it has always been my favorite site...I browse the other forums looking at charts others have posted, and reading their views of where the market is headed...I also find some interesting news releases that I wouldn't have come across otherwise...

    Starting from the left, my #1 monitor is for surfing the web and it's not shown...

    My #2 monitor has the Scottrader trading platform on it with four charts and a watchlist...I changed my watchlist after I took this screenshot, and now all it has on it are the ETF's I trade...These are: SDS, SSO, FAZ, FAS, QID, and QLD...You'll notice that the PPS for the $DJI and the $SPX are showing up in the color yellow...This is why I like the Scottrader platform so much...When a stock, Index, or ETF are setting new highs or lows of the day, they show up in yellow which is very attention grabbing...When there is an uptick on the bid or ask, the color shows up green, and when there's a downtick on the bid or ask, the color shows up as red...I also like the 'Market Summary' box in the upper right hand corner of the platform that shows the current time, and where the $DJI, $COMP, and the $SPX are currently trading...If they are up on the day, they show up as green...And if it's a down day like it was when this screenshot was taken, they show up in red...

    My #3 monitor has two five-minute charts with black backgrounds that are from the Fidelity Active Trader Pro (ATPro) trading platform, and they have all of the Technical Indicators on them that I use to analyze longer term charts like the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly charts...

    My #4 monitor (the 23" one) has three charts with white backgrounds, and a Level 2 window that are all from the ATPro trading platform...From the far right to the left, the charts are a one-minute, a fifteen-minute, and an hourly chart...I consult all four charts before I enter a trade to make sure that my entry will be a good one...If I get too many conflicting signals, I'll wait until a better opportunity presents itself...

    Also notice that the Time & Sales window just to the right of the Level 2 numbers is from the Scottrader trading platform...That's because the color scheme is much better than the one the ATPro one has...The Scottrader T&S screen shows trades that go off at the ask as green, trades that go off at the bid as red, and trades that go off between the bid and the ask as blue...See the 1400 share trade that went off at 9:30:59 that shows up as yellow?...That's telling you that FAZ just had a new high of the day on that trade...It's kind of exciting to see a stock or ETF rally hard, and see lots of trades show up in yellow as it breaks out to new highs of the day over and over again...It also is easy to see that a stock or ETF is setting new lows of the day one after the other too, so if you are in a Short position that's exactly what you want to see...

    Here's the screenshot of my multi-monitor trading platform...You'll have to scroll far to the right to see the whole thing:

  4. WolfPickle

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    This is so cool. You guys have the monitor setups that the pros use.

    Does it get hot with them all on at once?

    Can you just use a 42 inch lcd and get the same amount of room?

    Very cool men, very cool!
  5. sofia

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    That's really amazing man, you must be making a descent amount at the market because of that detailed info right in front of you.
  6. Pete Sneddy

    Pete Sneddy New Member

    Hey ZigZag, That's a lot of monitors. I agree that it's nice to be able to get so much information at once before you place a trade. What type of video card setup do you have for the multi-monitor setup? Also, is your computer stable running all of those analysis apps at the same time?

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