Question: Why do you trade?

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  1. ChristineTrader

    ChristineTrader New Member

    Hi traders!

    A friend of mine has asked me to help her find online traders for her school research.
    To be able to go further, she has a few questions. Would you guys be so kind to help her out?

    1. How old are you?

    2. How often do you trade on average?
    (e.g. Daily, weekly or yearly)

    3. How long have you been trading?

    4. How were you introduced to online trading?

    5. What is your motivation to trade?
    Could you explain your motivation? Where did it come from and why?

    Appreciate your time! Thank you!!
  2. HungryWallet

    HungryWallet Member won weekly contest 2x penny contest winner

    1. 25
    2.How long are my trades? Daily to weekly. But, I monitor the markets and my positions constantly.
    3.Studying for about a year. Actual trading for just few months.
    4. Google
    5.Money. I like it. I have access to more goods and services when I can give some money to people. And a little bit of financial independence with freedom thrown in there. I think we live in a world where freedom is bought.
  3. ChristineTrader

    ChristineTrader New Member

    Hi HungryWallet, thank you for answering.

    I hope more people are willing to take the time for this. It would be highly appreciated!
  4. Acstudio

    Acstudio Well-Known Member won penny contest 44x won weekly contest 40x won weekly contest 41x simulator winner 20x

    1. 48
    2. around 1000 trades per year...probably less this year.
    3. since 2013
    4. Looked it up on the interwebs.
    5. I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist...I've already stockpiled all my guns, ammo, silver and food. I don't trust the banks, gov, corporatocracy and pretty sure the NWO is coming for us all and the only choices are; go and hide in a cave in the mountains or learn their game. Their game is money.
    .......Or I just like the idea of making money with my head.
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  5. SwingKing22

    SwingKing22 Member weekly contest winner

    1) 25
    2) Trade about 2-3 times a week
    3) About a year on and off
    4) Googling investing choices
    5) I want to learn good fundamentals early with small capital. Using paper money just isn't the same as using real money. I want to day trade for a living in the future. I'm already sick of working the 9-5. I like being my own boss.
  6. Travis Sorensen

    Travis Sorensen New Member

    1. 32
    2. Daily
    3. Six years
    4. News articles
    5. Increasing personal knowledge and wealth
  7. wardtom084

    wardtom084 Member

    1. 67
    2. depends on the particular stock I am watching.
    3. 45 years
    4. tv comercial
    5. money, there are other reasons?
  8. Jeffrey Novice

    Jeffrey Novice New Member

    1: 23
    2: Depends on market conditions
    3: 2 years trading with real money
    4: I wanted to grow my money since I realized banks just hold cash and give 0.00001% interest
    5: I want to learn how to play and try to solve this complex game. There's also the aspect of earning money by being right and solving certain theories. Financial independence is also a great motivator as is controlling your own financial path.
  9. 1: 27
    2. several times a month
    3. 8 years with my own account
    4. Mad Money
    5. Money - It's nice to have an extra income besides the usual 9-5.
  10. FX_Marina

    FX_Marina New Member

    Hey it's cool, I'll join
    1. How old are you?
    2. How often do you trade on average?
    (e.g. Daily, weekly or yearly)
    3. How long have you been trading?
    3 years
    4. How were you introduced to online trading?
    Did my own research, found several brokers and compared them.
    5. What is your motivation to trade?
    Could you explain your motivation? Where did it come from and why?
    I realized my salary is growing slower than inflation, so in real terms I'm making less money every year, that made me lookng for alternatives which happen to be trading. Currently my motivation is to be independent and do not depend on my employer, which is great.
  11. Seattle_Slew

    Seattle_Slew New Member

    I trade cuz "its there". I trade cuz its the greatest job I have ever found. I trade because people spend all their lives (normally) making money and then let some moron invest it for them and why should I be stuck with an inferior employee that will never work as hard for me as I work for myself.
  12. grson01

    grson01 New Member

  13. Blaine Tarr

    Blaine Tarr forum leader won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x


    mostly day trades, occasional swing trade if the situation and price action is in my favor.

    Bought my first stock at 16. Went full time 5 years ago. I used to trade like a mad man, but have slowed down these days to enjoy myself and wait for my ideal trade setups.

    First purchase was through Edward Jones in High School because my dad knew the broker. They had an online platform to check the value, but to make a trade I had to call it in. I eventually got tired of the $40/trade call-in, so moved the account over to TD Ameritrade in college. I still have the Ameritrade account plus 5 other brokers. All have their ups and downs.

    Freedom..... Do what you want, when you want. There is always a market open somewhere.

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