What's the difference between f and v?

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  1. Dagwood

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    Hello -

    I've searched google a lot for this, and can't find an answer. I've come across two different stocks so far that have an f version and a v version, and can't find out the difference, besides a large cost gap. Here are examples:

    WM Morrison Supermarkets

    G4S Plc

    In both cases, it's the same company. What's the difference?


  2. Acstudio

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    Do a google search for ADR and ODR. The second one is an ordinary stock and the other is a depository receipt. And the same with MRWSF and MRWSV...one is an ADR and the other is COM...common. My advice is when presented with 2 options you trade the one that is most heavily traded and has the best liquidity...or tight bid/ask spreads. Liquidity is king.
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    Different classes. I haven't looked it up specifically but they can one could be class A, B, C etc

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