What would you do with 70.000$?

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    Hey everyone I just received a gift from my father. He gave me 70.000 $ to start investing and make some money. The thing is, I am a german citizen living in the states for school. My question is, how can I start investing that money? One of my friends told me I would need an ITIN. Anybody know how to get that? Anyways I'd really like to start building my life out of this money... Any help would be gratly appretiated!
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    I would sit on it. Join a trading team and use a portion of the funds to pay for your trading education. Paper trade with the trading team for a while before you risk any capital. I have learned more with a trading group than I ever learned from a book.
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    You will need an ITIN, here's a place to find all you need to know:

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