What is the best dividend stock?

Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by yanksrule80, May 5, 2008.

  1. yanksrule80

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    In you opinion what is the best dividend stock(monthly) that you think will be able to sustain its monthly dividend at a reasonable price. Anyone in on any?
  2. Technical Alchemist

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    I've held PGH for over a year. At the moment it is approaching it's 52-week high territory so perhaps you might wait for a pullback. The Canadian oil trusts are great since they can expand unlike their American counterparts. Recently, Canetic Natural Resources [CNE] was taken over by Penn West [PWE] for a slight premium. Also, I believe about a year ago one of these things was taken out by the cash cows over at Abu Dhabi.

    They're a target for takeover and pay a nice 13% yield in the meantime. Youll get it monthly which is a nice cash infusion for yor portfolio. But, if you're betting oil will go down perhaps you ought to wait. I wouldn't be holding my breath for that to happen but then again, I bought in at a lower price.

    One caveat, you do have to pay a 15% foreign tax if you don't reside in Canada on the dividend -- so that yield shrinks a little. I see it as a small price to pay for solid performance and the prospect I could have it taken out at a higher price per share. Given the American trusts can't acquire new properties I don't think they are as lucrative to outside investors.
  3. john_for_u80

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    IFN gives 18.50% (not monthly)!
  4. Imperator

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    There aren't very many monthly paying stocks out there. If you want monthly income, you could buy a closed-end bond fund. I would look for some Muni Bond Funds if I were in a higher tax bracket. The Muni's will should appreciate in value as thier tax exempt nature makes them more valuable, if tax rates increase as I have a suspicion they will.

    But if you want the best Dividend stock...

    ACAS American Capital Strategies.

    Whats-his-face at UBS downgraded the stock today, so it is 7% cheaper. This gives the stock a current dividend yield of over 12%. The dividend is solid. Pays every three months, but it is worth it.

    Also, LYG is something to look at, I'm not an expert in the stock however. Big yeild and high ratings.
  5. flybynight

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    RSF or RMA - these are Morgan Keegan (part of Regions Bank) high income funds that yeild 27-30% and have a monthly dividend around .08 per share.
  6. Bman409

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    LTC.. pays a steady dividend of $0.13/ month and is in a very stable industry

    Senior care facility management
  7. sealatte

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    well picks are shipping companies.
    DSX with 7.5%
    FRO with 13.5%
    SFL 7%

    MO Alteria 13%
    PM w/ 4%

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