Weekly stock challenge 3/14/08

Discussion in 'Weekly stock picking challenge' started by Thierry Martin, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    OnlineTradersForum.com Stock Picking Challenge

    Pick the highest percentage mover and win your win will be recorded next to your name in the forum.

    Choose any stock that trades in the US market that closed at $2.00 or over with at least 100,000 share volume as of the Friday close before the contest starts on Monday.

    Your entry price will be the market open price on Monday.

    A brief rationale for your pick makes the contest more fun.
  2. sacgsxr

    sacgsxr New Member

    WM long please
  3. wallstreetsedge

    wallstreetsedge Active Member won weekly contest 2x

  4. TheChartGuru

    TheChartGuru Active Member won weekly contest 7x won sept/08 simulator won feb/06 simulator won jan/08 simulator won may/06 simulator won mar/08 simulator

    Short RMA


    The Guru has spoken
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  5. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    Congrats wallstreetedge on last week's win - definitely a good pick winning with a long bet on such a terrible week. I think I've come 2nd in this contest about 20 times now though! I need a hug!:s:

    I'll be looking for another short wild biotech though this week as they're working really well for me the last few weeks.
  6. RayRay180

    RayRay180 Member

    Now that I've popped my cherry it's all uphill from here!!!!:D

    PDC long me please!!!
  7. wallstreetsedge

    wallstreetsedge Active Member won weekly contest 2x

    thanks.. even though its a down week, it looks like next week will be flat or up. i would go for the commodities and mortgage..the fed is going to have to do everything they can to keep people in their homes or else with unemployment going up and defaults clashing at the same time.. were going to have a bad ratio of homeless people

    a problem with this economy is that unemployment is going up, price of goods are going up, food is at all time highs, healthcare going up, baby boomers are in retirement or going into retirement, people cant afford mortgages, and to top it off.. rent is sky rocketing to take advantage of everyone

    id look for giant news to keep the market and economy stimulated... tech still looks at too high of a premium so id still stay free

    democratic president next year and a strict rules on m&a... theres going to be some heavy consolidation this year in every industry.. look at small caps and micro caps to run vs. mid and large caps

    also i believe hedge fund redemption day is coming up soon so stay away from tech till next month... sure you might see a couple of runners but id rather play it safe
  8. Supreona

    Supreona Member weekly contest winner

    Short NOVN
  9. piggybank

    piggybank Member

    Long DRYS.
  10. Jordan

    Jordan Member won weekly contest 5x

    long SKF
  11. MrSer

    MrSer Member won weekly contest 3x

    long gs
  12. freakscene

    freakscene Active Member won weekly contest 2x

    FL short
  13. AJLightning

    AJLightning Member

    BX short
  14. 1960vw

    1960vw Member won weekly contest 3x

    DAR long please. I'm an independent and I see McCain taking it simply on track record. Opponents are too iffy. However,don't bet the farm on it. One never knows for sure till the chickens come back to roost !!!!
  15. dochesgriff

    dochesgriff Member

    NYX long
  16. Florida

    Florida Member won weekly contest 10x won aug/08 simulator won apr/08 simulator won jan/09 simulator

    NLY long please.

    Down as much as 35% on 17 times normal volume this past week for no apparent reason, other than the fact that it is a mortgage company.
    While it closed down for the day Friday, it still managed to close higher than where it opened, almost 11% up from it's low for the day.

    NLY does not seem to have the same exposure to the subprime slime that many others do, and in fact, is still showing strong earnings.

    I believe it was taken down this past week with all the other financials, but will soon rebound.

    Looking for at least 19% back to the high on Thursday and low on Monday resistance area, if not a 29% move back to fill the gap.
  17. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    As promised, a 4th week of a crazy little biotech. This week, EXAS short.
  18. MrSer

    MrSer Member won weekly contest 3x

    Hope its not to late, but can you change that to short crm?
  19. BetonBeer

    BetonBeer Member

    fslr - long
  20. bigzip

    bigzip Member won weekly contest 4x

    DSTI long
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