Week of 9/4/17: Remembering Steve Irwin

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    Awaking on 4 Sept 2006, I went online to learn the "Crocodile Hunter" had been fatally wounded not by one of his favorite garden variety venomous snake, but by a damn stingray!
    Charlie Stingray
    was well known for being a bit hot tempered. Reptile denizens of the Batt Reef for a long while sought help from the Australian Wildlife Service to go in and take-out Mr. Charlie Stingray. A barrel of chicken and cow guts was offered by the wildlife service for any Batt Reef sea creature who brought in Mr. Stingray. He eluded the best efforts to snare him.
    "He is plain mean and slippery as heck," one octopus who is a bounty hunter told the Australian Broadcasting Service.
    "Had not Irwin nailed me and sent me jail, I would love to have had nailed Steve O-Reno," said a Black Mamba, living at the Sidney Zoo. "I wanted to see if I still had me chops as a bad-ass mama mamba! Oh, well. Congrats has to go out to Charlie."
    As for Charlie Stingray, he became part of a delicious McDonald's fish sandwich at the Sidney McDonald Store 1AA23 in July, 2007. The Australian Wildlife Service did not investigate.
    Meanwhile, I went out on the 4th, Labor Day, in remembrance of the ""Crocodile Hunter" to get up close and personal with my king snake living in a trash pile. I learned at the ER that I had had a "learning moment" with a Coral Snake. The encounter made me look as if I was the brother of the "Elephant Man"
    Anyway, Steve, you always seemed genuine, and I know a lot of animals miss you
    • If it works it's obsolete ~ Marshall McLuhan
    • Are Trump/Putin/Illimani seeding clouds for hurricanes?!
    • The insurance ETF is fun to watch: Tip: expect the taxpayer to pick up slack for insurance companies, because WE Pawns must ensure the Chief Operating Lizards along with their top Lackeys get higher bonuses (a la Wall Street Lizards, 2008)
    • For the Wall Street & Washington Lizards all this with storms and children will give the Lizards another 2008 like chance to royally screw we Pawns and Sheeples—Calm down and enjoy the upcoming financial orgies--Puke time: note the Chief Operating Lizards on "Mad Money" telling us how how their alleged hearts go out to all those who loss everything
    • A shout out to Cramer: thankfully, he did not let all these hurricanes mess up his vacation, so he should be ready to bring us into the holidays--Chief Operating Lizards need the outlet to tell us how their suet for hearts goes out to all those royally screwed by the hurricanes
    FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD! Hollywood’s “Headwind” for the awful summer was Hollywood was attacked by Rotten Tomatoes—FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD! One byproduct of Netflix is seeing how much total crap big bucks can make! FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD! Why did so many big buck folks not stop these obvious train wreck movies?! Jesus H Christ, Superstar, come-on! Thankfully, with Netflix I can edit some of the movie messes into somewhat okay movies with my ability to speed through a lot of what as a total movie would be pure, utter crap. Imagine once people were expected to pay to see these movies at a theatre. FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD! Big shots, learn as investors, to pull the damn plug early on!

    Well, Dah-h, Department: 3 Equifax Lizards Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Was Revealed—Wanna guess how much cash they will receive to “evaporate”?

    Hurricane Survival
    More on a "Grab & Scoot" bag--STAY READY TO MAKE A DASH FOR THE "BORDER"
    Still more for Grabbing & Scooting
    The scumbags will be feasting along with the Washington and Wall Street Lizards, so heads up
    Expect "water log" used cars to be on the market, so BEWARE OF FLOOD DAMAGED CARS—One good place to "smell" this out is checking the trunk! Fish should not be found under the carpeting
    How to get a vehicle's history
    Still more on "flood damaged" vehicles --

    My Amateur Research

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