Week of 9/11/17: "The Black Swan" Visted--OUCH!

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    Term of the Week: FEMA?

    What a week of Learning Moments! My “Black Swan” was a hurricane is suppose to wear out before making it to the mountains of northeast Georgia—wrong! We got the blunt sans the ocean water deluge. I was amazed how rapidly my local power company unsnarled the power messes—fallen trees and the resultant spaghetti tangle of trees and their limbs. Even more amazing was when power came back, so did Windstream’s internet service. The good thing is this tree mess forced my power company to clean off the bad and weak trees before winter. I was in the dark a lot, BUT I reminded myself I was not freezing, as really happens in the winter. Stress testing my life does help to refocus, as well as refocusing power and phone companies

    A shout out to bad ol’ Walmart! Guess who was there in the thick of things?! Can you say Walmart and Home Depot/Lowes?! Amazon Prime sux when my back was against the wall. Walmart had water—at its regular price. Joke about Walmart, as I will, BUT by god, WMT was there in the crunch when Nowhither, Georgia, looked like a war zone of an exploded spaghetti factory. THANK YOU WMT!

    Here is what I am doing to “anti-fragile” things for more hurricanes that cannot make it to the mountains—and the upcoming winter:
    • WATER! WATER! WATER! I am now saving empty plastic and glass bottles in a hamper so the next weather issue I can quickly fill bottles with water
    • IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE TOO MANY CANDLES: select quality candles for their burn—NOT expensive holiday crap-ass candles
    • NUMBERS 1 & 2 BATHROOM ISSUES: How can I <blank>? In my case, thankfully, commodes will flush IF I have water to refill the commode tank—Showers remain an issue, BUT I can survive shower-less--TIP: put a brick in the tank to cut down on the amount of water needed to flush
    • TELEPHONE: the super $2K tricked out iPhone is so damn neat—BUT, how well does it work when the cellphone towers go down? That weird thing called with derision the landline will normally still work
    • CONSIDER HOW I CAN RECHARGE THE ESSENTIALS OF MY LIFE, such as solar powered chargers, or using my car
    • HAVE AN ACTUAL BOOK TO READ: same with that tricked out smartphone and Kindle: how do I recharge them? With an actual book I want to read I can do so in the daylight. I save this book till electricity issues!
    • For the winter, of course, HEAT FOR AT LEAST ONE ROOM
    Lot of Time for Brain Flatulence:
    • Fri (23d) will be the end of the world — Think Options
    • So-o, Thinking Options: “Trading Places” would have been a great movie to study BEFORE the hurricanes
    • The Weather Service is super with 5 day and less weather report
    • Will people ever stop confusing Causation and Correlation: for example, Global Weather (AKA Global Warming) happens with the regularity that sh*t just happens, or another “door stop” autobiography by Hillary Clinton—CALL IT LIFE!
    • I am glad I drive a car a mechanic can repair—and not a damn technician!
    • A $5K chip the size of my thumb to repair a vehicle is so, so unappealing to me
    • Expect a lot of cheap Teslas on the market—so what IF water damaged, just park it for show
    • Living in a wired world is like living in an enormous brick, because without power, Fancy Reality can suck, fast
    • It is really scary how fragile we have become: this country could be brought to a halt with a few terrorist firing at substations--Think about this as you drive around and see them just setting as great targets
    • Glad I have had a Credit Freeze on for several years: “me” is too widely disseminated—starting with my Social Security Card # and DOB—THIS IS SHAMEFUL!!!! Equifax is just the tip of a eff’ing mess of “me” and “you” being all over the place
    • The Credit Card Number is not supposed to be used for ID purposes, except under strict guidelines
    • Weird, but I have had to a co-signer in the past simply because I paid as I lived—used no credit—yea, I lived simple—but, but credit free
    • The BBC calls Teleprompter readers "News Presenters," while we call Teleprompter readers "News People"
    • Coming up, this craziness: "Seeing Eye Cats"... "Seeing Eye Goats"
    • Other than science textbook beyond the basics, professors ought to be required to only use FREE material on the Internet--TIP: math is math; ditto Shakespeare, etc. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP WITH THE $200 TEXT BOOKS ON BASIC MATH, SCIENCE, AND ENGLISH LITERATURE--JUST STOP IT!
    Have fun this Friday (23d)--See you no doubt in heaven or hell

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