Week of 8/28/17: How to Elude...Why We Need a "Lizard" Mausoleum-Museum

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    Eluding, Avoiding, and Hiding Out Tips

    Think and Live as a Spy—the “adversary” can be as simple as the weather you must evade!
    Why I seek “invisibility”
    • ALWAYS! Have a Grab & Scoot plan: say a “camera bag,” or shaving kit bag, bought from a thrift store—These bags have compartments—Inside for such items as the following:
    • Have a stash of Low Bill cash so not to trip alerts, nor track your evasions, as Credit Cards will
    • ANY MEDICATIONS, aspirin, baking soda, white vinegar,
    • Tampons to stop blood flow—With blood flow: layer on the Kotex—NOT remove—so blood flow will clot—TRUE medical emergencies: no breath, spewing blood, chest pain/radiating chest pain—PROTECT THE CHEST AND BRAIN AT ALL COSTS!
    • Extra-long shoe strings and/or dental floss (it is strong, thin string)—Paracord
    • Swiss knife and/or Kubotan (for attitude adjustments) — Can be made, for example, a key chain
    • Latex gloves to avoid contamination and to avoid leaving fingerprints, and “Dumpster Diving”
    • Solar powered flashlight,
    • Several burner phones—REMOVE THE BATTERIES SO CELL TOWERS WON’T TRACK YOU, however when disposing, turn the phone on, then toss onto a freight train or long distance semi (truck stops are great) so the authorities become misdirected
    • Practice now how to center-down, and stay this way when the worse is happening
    • ALWAYS note the exits others will miss, such as punching through the bathroom ceiling
    • Watch now horror movies to know what NOT to do:
    • No high heels, nor other purely for-looks footwear
    • Sneaking up/sneaking away when inside a structure: wear, for example, socks—NO solid soles
    • No roadways or paths
    • Avoid warehouses and alleys, because of potential shootouts
    • Yell “FIRE!” not “HELP!” when wanted to be found, or misdirect
    With hurricane help, please remember the animals!

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