Week of 8/1/17: Quick Warning to M$ Users

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    Microsoft is sending out its Creator's Update, which downloaded and installed fine for me on 2 machines, but in retrospect, I strongly suggest you take this update overnight, because the update is long! Each machine reacted differently, BUT NO ISSUES SO FAR. This is a major update.
    Snake Bites of the Week:
    On the “Lizard” Beat….
    A huge company that I have had excellent dealings with my nobody, Pawn level and that is Chase's customer service. One or two rings, someone I can easily understand, answers. This week I accidentally sent my Visa card through the washer & dryer. My trusty card did not like this. The next day, I had a shinny new card. Amazing, simply amazing, some huge companies get it, while others simply don't. Chase, Amazon, Home Depot, Netflix, Racetrac are five companies that just seem to want my nobody business....

    Reads & Podcasts that stood out for me this week...


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