Week of 7/3/17: High Theatre Is Breaking Out All Over!

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    Here, deep, deep in the woods of "Deliverance" Kountry (Banks Co., George-gee), I am so enjoying how so many are becoming active members of a Theater Troop.... "Acting out" is better than sex, obviously--A cautionary note about pissing upstream from our campsites: North Korea's Kimmy could accidentally set-off one of his nuke firecrackers, and this would not be so good--You think Trump is bad, well, a nuke fireworks display is, well, you know....
    • Word of the Week: gobsmacked
    • “Imagine how much harder physics would be if electrons had feelings!” ~ Richard Feynman
    You simply cannot be cynical enough—fast enough:
    Why Do We Hate Hypocrites? Clue: note the Lizard Class who yammer on about Global Warming by flying to a conference on Global Whatever in a private jet
    Elon Musk has challenged Forbes’ magazine famed annual “World’s Wealthiest Lizards” by issuing his own list to be decided by a pay-for-view “Mall Maul” to really decide who will be in coveted “Top Lizard of the Universe.” Odds makers are betting on wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg: “That boy and future president has got legs, ego, and hyper, turbo hypocrisy 2.0, so "Gramps" Buffett and "Billy Coat" Gates move over and let this boy through,” said one Lizard Watcher maven…. Future president wannabe Mark Cuban says, "NOT SO FAST! I AM PRETTY DARN FAST WITH BEING A HYPOCRITE! I CAN FLY TO GLOBAL WARMING

    Sad News, sorry...

    Bonnie Prince Charles earlier this past week suffered from a deadly case of what the CDC has labeled as “Indignity,” after being forced to retrieve a Stick-Em Note: “I, I was planning our next vacation from a vacation when my note fell into the jeweled trashcan by my desk. I realized my butler was off re-ironing my silk jockey shorts for the new day, so I had no choice but reach over to retrieve my note.
    I simply found my myself overtaken with, with a profound, overpowering sense of being Indignant. Obviously, my chief butler, as well as my trashcan, desk and chair, had to be destroyed!.”

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    Need a pal, then one is waiting at your local animal shelter
    Join a local theatre troop in your area, and act-out like a 5-year old "maggot" in Walmart wanting some sugar fix....

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