Week of 7/10/17: How I Spent Amazon Prime Day

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    Well, I participated in Amazon Prime Day by buying a lighted keyboard that could shame a French whorehouse. Naturally, as one who loves amateur research, this sent me scurrying to investigate what I noted: the mail service now also deliver Amazon products, which I am sure delights the hell out of my mail person to the chagrin of FedEx and UPS. Other than job security, I suspect during the muggy days we now have in Deliverance Country where I abide (Banks County, Ga) my mail carrier ain’t that gosh darn thrill.

    I also scurried to discover who makes all those Amazon boxes I use to delight my local trash dump folk.

    What about those tiny air bags replacing the Styrofoam popcorn? What can I say?! The best part of “Mad Money” is when our guru Lewis C.K. Cramer talks about obscure companies that adds pizazz to those of us who have been fated to bring up the rear as mere Pawns who will forever be guilty till we can prove ourselves innocent unless some scalawag TV advertising lawyer will take our case. Personally, I am happy each day I can just be fodder for the Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” can treat me as granny treated something in a mixing bowl, so a shout out to Adam S. who no doubt is giving the devil a helping Invisible Hand. Hahaha to Satan! You are so freaking screwed—and forever! God is no doubt laughing his ass off.

    And down the Amazon Rabbit Hole: What happens to all of the products returned to Amazon?

    I am still sorting through the new stuff on Amazon Prime movies and series, as well as Netflix. I now have to read my movies and series with so much foreign crap in their monthly shipment of movie, series, and documentaries from Waste Management that now sells to the two streaming services. Occasionally, but less and less in all the dross, is there dialogue in English, so, ergo, I have had to turn off the sound and read the subtitles. I kinda miss the subtle sounds, such as people walking. Amazing how the background sounds make something work. But oh-well. I do read more. What about subtitle businesses? Off, I scurried….

    Well, how did Walmart fight back? I went to the one at nearby Nowhither, Georgia. Vets were added to up security for those regular shoppers who were not enticed to leave Facebook to 24/7 Amazon…

    From Walmart’s Internal Blog—Walmart Today: What type of job interview questions may I expect?

    A customer wants a package of prunes and a box of raisins—NOT chocolate covered—to augment her diet of smokes, cola, and candy. Which one of the following aisles would you most likely send the customer:

    A. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
    B. Snacks
    C. Packaged fruits, such as apple sauce
    D. “Huh?”

    Answer: while “D” is ALWAYS our preferred “Associate Answer,” “B” is the technical answer. Mismatching product locations is one of our crucial ways to fight the onslaught of the electronic barbarians at our mighty gates. A searching lard-ass can always stumble upon that banana slicer me-lady will need for added clutter.


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    Well, back to my new keyboard!

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