Week of 6/5/17: The "Truthiness" of Netflix's "House of Cards"

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    Oh, gushy gosh, how I envy you if you have not seen on Netflix either the American or British version of "House of Cards," both the best series ever! Beyond great! Spoiler alerts are impossible, because each of episodes of both version end each episode with a WOW-W! I did not see that coming...I have watched British version for years, and now with America edition, again, WOW-W! WOW-W! WOW-W!

    “House of Cards,” as learning tool for the future extroverts who gets the itch to go to the Big Apple of Politics, the Acid Pit, Washington, D.C., what can you learn? Here are some truthiness worth burning into your neurons before you head-off:
    1. Those who go along, get along—those who go along best, get along best: that is, grandma will have issues with the IRS or Social Security or some WDC acronym, and you best get this resolved, ASAP! Your problem is if you take your high mindness too far, you will not be able to get the “icing” on things: a new post office, a new road, blah-blah-blah; as well as having along with your super retirement, a high paying job doing little for a company that you could have helped (wink-wink)—You will want one of these non-jobs, jobs…If you whore enough, when your retire, you can also make tons of loot with speeches only idiots pay attention, fronting for ghost written books which will become at best dust collectors and door stops….
    2. Washington politics is a pure blood sport—in ancient times, politicians now are like the gladiators who entered the Rome coliseum—unlimited money will find that secret you-u do have—nothing is innocuous IF hustled well! For example, do you want your <mentally enter your secret>, or that time you <enter> make it back to your family, much less a big thing with the Main Stream Meme Machine? The incident was legal and innocent, but, but, but… J. Edgar Hoover is the quintessential Washington role model: be vile/be vicious to your opponent, say, a new president who might “fire” you… The higher you ooze to the top in WDC, the more money will be spent to find that secret of yours regardless how actually innocuous the incident was—and it will be found and molded! (To really get this, on Netflix, watch the British version and original, “House of Cards”…) Think this series is fiction, then go ahead and test it out Like Mick Romney or not, but remember how easily a good man was ground up and spit out…
    Pleasant, weird things about the current series:
    • Strangely, the episodes are in English with the only subtitles being cell phone messages—Netflix more and more hate anyone speaking English
    • Trump is not hinted at (nor Hillary)
    • No focus on evil conservatives, nor righteous liberals—THIS IS PURE AMAZING FOR A SERIES THROUGH AND THROUGH MADE BY LIBERALS—Oh, thank you, thank you, and thank you again!
    • No Global Climate Whatever
    • No pole dancing
    • No real smoking other than an occasional secret smoke by the Pres and his wife
    • No consulting booze in tense moments
    • No drinking booze as if it was coffee or a Coke
    • No “rainy” moments to indicate “this is a deep moment”
    • No warehouse gun fights
    • No speeding car chases
    • No zombies or any other kind of walking dead
    Memo to the Netflix Chief Lizard Mr. Reed Hasting: bring back “House” as a series

    How, how, obtuse, pray tell, has Apple become? Well, glad you wondered…. How about naming your answer to Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home, you Apple call yours, hm, HomePod? Wow-w! Smart not calling it, say, say, iHome—Can’t, because the trademark is owned by someone else, and we only have a $200B stash, so we surely could not buy the damn company to buy the name—oh, hell, no! Dumb ass Apple Lizards—HomePod?! Good lord! I predict by June 2018 Apple’s coveted value will be down after the $ucce$$ of the next iPhone Steve Job’s Anniversary homage, as well as the money brought back from overseas after Washington gives companies a special tax break to do so works its way through the bottom line—Apple’s pipeline is weak…. I like the overseas stash of cash of dirt cheap GE--which the Big $$$ is missing with GE's current stock price…. Wish I could afford and understood enough about options to buy Puts that President Trump will sic his Justice Department on Amazon for anti-trust, which major retailers would (sotto voce) not really mind…. Trump is going to have go “Obama” with his powerful, take no prisoners, Justice Department…. TIP to the Pres: a la Obama, President Trump should on their own do this so nothing can be traced back to you--PUT SOME "WOOD" TO THE BACK BENCHING REPUBLICANS (to understand this last comment, Mr. Trump, watch on Netflix the BBC's original "House of Cards")...

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