Week of 6/19/17: "Mad Money" Focused on Lizards--Great Job!

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    We of the Silent Majority continue not to be heard! To do so, start with this about Hacking…. Next, I simply cannot un-see this picture: if I was a pizza store owner there, I would welcome this, because I would put up a sign I do cater to gay weddings…. As much as many of us disliked Obama’s politics, can you imagine what would have happened had we did with Obama (or Hillary) what the vocal now do with Trump—the secret service would swoop in, bury us in some jail, and throw away the key--and rightfully so! Disliking should never become insane hatred!

    Voter Fatigue … Here is how I would make my bones as a pollster to track the Silent Majority: NO CALLs! I would track such things as the number of signs in yards NOT there…. What are the stickers on vehicles in Walmart and the parking lots of other box stores—what stickers aren’t we seeing—remember, the Silent Majority is also invisible until voting time…. Taking an A-Bomb approach to ad attack will no longer, for people are tuning them out....Today, a pollster has to be Sherlockian....

    The BIG TIME Lizard Beat….

    This week the Chief Lizards & their hardy Lackeys took time out of their Trump Hate to meet with himTIP FOR ASPIRING BIG SHOT LIZARDRY: being a Hypocrite takes so much time to “lizard,” plus the ever present danger of getting your brown nose, stuck…. TIP TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: be particularly alert to whose “noses” you let up the ol’ shoot—THEY DO NOT LIKE YOU, MR. PRESIDENT!

    WOW: are you noting the smooth move of Amazon’s Chief Lizard to “lizard” up to his nemesis? Gee, wonder if Bezos might not want his nemesis to “Obama” him and his deal for Whole Foods? TIP: note IF the Washington Post tones down its Trump Hatred? Bezos is so, so vulnerable for an “Obama” incoming, e.g., sic a government agency on someone or organization….

    The segment of “Mad Money” when our guru meets with SUPERDOOPER MAJOR OMG INEFFABLY SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS CHIEF OPERATING LIZARDS, these segments should be a called “Woowoo Land”!

    Cramer: “Hi there, you Buffet wannabes…. Tonight, let me put down my red carpet, put on my snorkel, because we are going to go deep diving—go “brown”—up the ol’ shoot of <enter ANY big time Lizard who makes it to the show>…. (Imagine all the skinnin’ & grinnin’ behind the scene with a Lizard’s Lackey brigade?! OMG!)

    Monday, “Louis CK Cramer” teamed up with the Chief Operating Lizard of the Department of Goldman Sachs (DOGS) now located next door to the Oval Office, so our beleaguered president can confer with the COL of the DOGS, who has his 24/7 a Gucci bag “bag of tricks” carried by a Lackey for any contingency that needs “financial engineering”….

    We mere Pawns got The GREAT NEWS the Financial shenanigans of 2008 has now been OFFICIALLY put behind usLouis CK Cramer regrets this rant—the taxpayer, can now move on and buy some more buy-ins! The Chief Operating Lizard of the DOG’s became serious, a la 1984, with the news the Department of Goldman Sachs is now OFFICIALLY warm and fuzzy and ready for a walk on the warm & fuzzy side with rainbows, fairy dust, and unicorns, and major bonuses all around for Lizards and their Lackeys….
    • Watching this Cramer semi/sorta/kinda/maybe Prediction through August: Don't ignore the bond market, but don't let it be your only guide
    • P.S., the next time you call “Mad Money,” don’t forget to suck up with how much you appreciate him helping the small investor, how great the book Real Money is, and have in the background your five year old daughter shout how much she loves his Netflix comedy special “Louis CK”…
    On the Retiring Extremely Okay Beat:
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