Week of 6/12/17: Falling

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    Word of the Week: feckless, as Washington’s ~ Republicans…

    GE’s Chief Operating Lizard will be joining the former Yahoo’s Chief Lizard as well as Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf for a Netflix Comedy Special called “Eff’ing the Investor”

    President Trump better start showing some of that “junk yard dog” that allowed him to prosper in the NYC real estate market—because more and more he is coming off as a big mouth wuss! But, he is not alone! Walmart and Kroger and other retailers better also start showing some junk yard dog gonads in stopping Amazon—Again, may I hint for free: Jeff Bezos owns the Trump hating Washington Post!...Sic the FTC’s Antitrust Division onto Amazon—At least, President Trump do a “Rite Aid/Walgreens”merge stall on the Amazon/Whole Food Deal—Obama would have! Obama: If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun

    Had a prostate exam this week—no pain—and I feel no shame, because these exams are cash cows to a urologist, as well as the cold fact “south of my border,” I have nothing unique—nor do you! So, get over any shame or pride of your damn “equipment”! YOU AIN’T SPECIAL WHEN THE BIG C IS INVOLVED!

    Always studying ways I can be Retired Extremely Okay, I read widely, so this article grabbed my attention “How to Fall Down”
    Then this also struck a chord regarding Falling—as well as this video
    IF you are over 40, begin now understanding/accepting Mama Nature begins loving us less and less! Therefore, to retire Extremely Okay think about learning to fall—reactively! Consider this as important as “INCOMING!” is to a Marine—Reactively here means learning to land as a no thinking, no hesitating paratrooper: yea, the key is the sudden stop, and this is not to be taken lightly: so, reactively, spread the center of gravity…. Protect the head at all costs…. Sacrifice the arms and legs to protect the head, chest, and hip…. Exercise wise, spend time on knee bending and twisting—with you in control! Learn to get up…. Always know how you can get medical help…. WISH I HAD STARTED AT 40! A bad fall will waste the best laid retirement plans! The older you are the more you need someone else around to practice any falling—and surviving—and getting 911 help!

    Want to make a mint, inventors? Come up with an economical Michelin Man outfit so those of us over 40 can practice falling—It must be affordable! More and more are becoming older and older…. Inventors might want also to study modifying something such as these outfits….
    The really big deal would be the focus on hip injuries—not arms and legs—during practice, because football helmet like designs could protect the head…. The hip will be the “choke point”for us Seasoned Citizens…. A trampoline is not really the solution, for you want to practice within your situation, e.g., stairways and bathrooms YOU use…. The older you are, the more you want have someone to monitor your work….

    Situational Awareness is important to Retiring Extremely Well…One suggestion I use is wearing a small cat collar with a bell, so I am constantly reminded to focus on my ever-changing situation….

    BS News Interviews Mr. Market
    BS News: ”Arithmetic vs. logarithmic charts—“
    Mr. Market: “I don’t care how you make them charts look in an Excel graph. Change the y-axis all you want but it’s not going to help you make more money.”
    BS News: “Fibonacci Ratios—“
    Mr. Market: “Look! Go read all the cow guts/cloud formations/Fibonacci Numbers you want, because this will be cheaper than losing the same amount of money using some eff’ing expensive proprietary system! I always can outlast you-u—or, or expensive system—or guru! And I will often just for fun.”

    Other Monitoring this past week:

    Remember if you need a friend check with your local animal shelter....

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