Week of 5/29/17: Retiring Extremely Okay MUST include Reading!

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    Retiring Extremely Okay necessitates reading! First, how to read on the cheap….

    Peace of mind begins with TOTAL withdrawal from the consumption of anything in or associated with main stream media....I withdrew two years back and have yet to miss "your hair is on fire" journalism.... Retiring Extremely Okay necessitates reading! First, how to Read!

    As I suggest: before purchasing a book, take it for a test read by checking out a copy from your local library. If it does not have a copy, then have the library to borrow a copy from another library (inter library loan program). After a read, I ask: will this book offer something new with each reading? If not, was the book worthwhile, as is the case with The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis. This book is basically the background of the two scientist behind Thinking, Fast and Slow… Okay read, but the book, as with Lewis’ stuff, no real value afterwards (as is not the case with anything by Nassim Nicholas Taleb)…. Brad Pitt will not star in any movie based on The Undoing Project....

    Retiring Extremely Okay requires constant updating! Regular thinking about thinking is worthwhile for the pocketbook, as well as for we taxpayers! (More)…. Mind Filters: figuring out who and what is at least right or wrong, or not even wrong….

    8 Reasons for Free Speech (even the hateful kind)… Netflix’s “House of Cards” is shaping out to be super again—WHAT IS NICE IS NO HINT OF TRUMP, NOR HILLARY! Tip: new to this series, watch the British version first on Netflix, because this is the foundation for the Netflix series--AVOID READING REVIEWS UNTIL YOU WATCH THE NETFLIX SERIES, BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ SPOILERS....Half way through, I still cannot figure out the cliff hanger for the next season....Series is so well done

    Term of the Week: heisenbug

    Some interesting infor this week…

    FYI: Washington is NOT a Swamp, but a toxic waste! Why? A proper functioning swamp is actually working fine with nature and the nature of things (Wu Wei)….
    Lizards & Their Lackeys Beat....

    Getting to know our 4th branch of government: the Department of Goldman Sachs (spoiler alert: what a great bunch of Wall Street Lizards along with their lapdog Lackeys—We are in good, caring hands, not): (note how easily this department is able to flow from Republican to Democrat and back, as well as back and forth between professional liberals and professional conservatives….)
    Please help that true friend who needs you at your local animal shelter

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