Week of 5/22/17: Netflix's new Brad Pitt movie

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    Watched the Brad Pitt Netflix movie “War Machine,” using a General Glen McMahon character for a Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal. Pitt, as expected, does a super job. For some reason, he, Tom Hanks, and Leonardo DiCaprio cannot make awful movies. Not sure why. Anyway, Pitt really channels George C. Scott style of playing Patton. (More)…Netflix finally has Pitt’s “Inglorious Basterds,” but the scene grabber has to be Christoph Waltz’s Nazi Col. Hans Landa—deliciously creepy as all hell….

    Staged my own Cirque du Solei this week with house painters—such fun watching them skinny up and down and all around with ladders, buckets, et cetera—BRAVO PERFORMANCE!

    After Cramer’s excellent Tues's “Mad Money,” I took a look at China’s version of Amazon—nice deals, but I do not feel comfortable giving a Chinese company my credit card information, truly sorry--NICE PRICES….

    Investment Ideas, or being a mini “Warren Buffett”—ON THE CHEAP: “Interrogate” your unique life, such as the UPS/FED drivers bringing that Amazon package, e.g., how is business the driver is seeing around? Heard if UPS is about to cut a better deal with Amazon (which would impact UPS’s bottom line)….
    • Quiz the workers around you: Is the appliance repairman, painter, etc., see more houses being built? Improved? Interrogate the clerks at Lowes’s and HD? What is being sold? Who are suppliers there as well as at the grocery? Study the lines of customers….
    • What are tools and medications your doctor/dentist uses? How do they like XYZ?
    • Catch off-beat ideas BEFORE they become mainstream! What, for example, is that new unknown franchise in town people have taking a shine to going?
    • Who is Marc Andreessen? You should know—AND APPRECIATE!...
    • INTERROGATE YOUR LIFE! Create your own mental investment newsletter… .
    Retiring Extremely Okay Beat:

    Vehicle wise: just as every dot on any map has an out of the way eatery, so does that vehicle repair shop, which is dirty and chaotic inside, BUT “this” shop gives great service at a fair price, so ask locals where they go for car repair…. For gas saving, check the current gas pricesHere is another tip: focus on ZIP Codes, because another nearby Code (or town) may have much lower prices, weird…. What day of the week is the normal time to expect a change in gas prices?.... BEFORE BUYING A NEW OR USED VEHICLE, OR RV, listen to some of these “Lehto’s Law” podcasts….

    On Health and Retirement: Got to wondering how much sleep famous people get or got, because both Trump and Cramer brag on needing little sleep… Should “I” brag about how little sleep I get, or need?....If “I” want fame & fortune should I work at cutting down on sleep, so “I” can make this a Bragging Point?… This led me down the Rabbit Hole on why a brain needs sleepHow does Warren Buffett kick-back?.... Also, on the Health Front in Retiring Extremely Okay is the story behind us needing 10,000 steps (walking 5 miles per day?.... It'll Take an Army to Kill the Emperor (The Big C)

    The Chief Operating Lizard Beat:
    With all the drivel out this time of the year with Commencement speeches, let us Remember Steve Job's...

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