Week of 5/1/17: Prince Phillip retires to devote more time taking vacations from vacations

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    What a Week!

    Cramer got to spend Tue with his latest heart-throb Chief Operating Lizard to drool overEven Apple’s Timmy Cook dropped by for a Cramer “drool & swoon” session… Guru Cramer has been flown back to NYC on a private air ambulance, and he is resting comfortably after his week of over swooning and drooling....

    In effort to grow more domestic Chief Operating Lizards (COLs) & Lackeys has a downside: COL Farms are being funded by Wall Street titans and Boards of Complacency... A critic calls these "farms" nothing more than fancy puppy farms, but growing fancy breeds of Lizards and Lackeys... Infamous scumbag heavy hitter Chief Operating Lizard Mr. J.R. Ewing bragged to the magazine of the constant need by Wall Street and Washington to have a fresh supply of Lackeys to move up into Lizardry. “We look for wunderkinds who exhibit an exaggerated sense of self-importance, rightfully expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it, We, therefore, note those exaggerating their achievements and talents. Of course, we go over their social media work to note preoccupation with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate. We like to see a snappy air of superiority. We want to see a need for constant admiration. One quick point must be stressed is we like to see in Lackeys is an innate streak of willingness to sell out. In today’s Lizard and Lackey market e like for them to look well in a tailored Steve Jobs Scruffy look." (More)

    Word of the Week: pellucid

    And from the fractal known as Earth:

    Great news! CNBC is now reporting Cramer is back in NYC and is resting well after his bout of over-swooning and over-drooling during his San Francisco visit with Chief Operating Lizards... We still should pray for him!

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