Week of 4/17/17: Still More on Retiring Extremely Okay

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    Well, we have a put away going down the Rabbit Hole of "doing our taxes" for another year with our tour master jolly Mr. TurboTax. Ain't it great?! I would so welcome a Fair Tax more than lowering taxes. Oh, well, as the American philosopher Doris Day would sing, "Que Sera, Sera"...

    Retiring Extremely Okay is necessary, because we basic humans failed to do this and that all financial advisors harp on. Fine. Can you survive? Yea. Use Situational Awareness to stay mindful of the ways you can “mine” your territory.
    Ask the fellow grunt at the cash register if s/he has a discount, say military service, senior citizen, etc. Form a habit of asking box stores, restaurants, movie theaters, etc., about discounts. The grunt clerk like me will tell me, often about a secret, give me a discount early, or later. They actually have a lot of discretion. Being nice works wonders. My fellow Pawns are tired of pissed off customers, or customers who look down on them. STOP IT! If you are an arrogant bas-turd! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Go play in the road. Buy a motorcycle and ride with no helmet, if you are full of yourself..Get out of the gene pool!...

    To remind myself to be Mindful of my situation I wear on my wrist a $1 neck band for cats. This band has a small bell. It’s tingle reminds me often to be Mindful of my situation. Ditto, my basic early iPod. On my computer, I keep a tab pinned to my Firefox a large stop watch I turn on hourly to stir, pace, have a pseudo hissy fit to move all my body parts. Obviously, the more of an extrovert, a la Trump type, you are, the harder you will find to do all this. I am by nature an introvert who lives deep in the woods of Deliverance country, so I can get a lot of free or inexpensive bounce out of me, a Trump type could not. I cannot imagine living even in Atlanta, much less NYC….

    For a cheap iPad, go to a box store, buy a sheet of Melanie, and then have them for FREE cut it into shapes you like—I even find uses for the throw-away…. A side benefit is I can write with Sharpies, and clean the board (s) with 93% rubbing alcohol…. Oh, while at HD, or Lowe’s, if you use a butane lighter buy your can of butane at the store, because you can get way more fluid than buying Official can of lighter fluid refills….

    GET OVER THINKING “I DON’T WANT TO ADMIT I AM CONSIDERED OLD!” Admit it, so you can grab discounts. Check sales receipts for numbers and web sites to offer your opinion on service. For example, at one gas station, I never buy coffee, because I continually take its survey. Mine, mine, mine! United Health throughout the year offers various kinds of FREE checkups, and then give me a gift card to do it...

    The bête noire that is Social Security that is lurking in the dark shadows...

    Taming this monster: Charlie Munger’s advice and Invert: turn upside down to see how Y sees X as well as how X sees Y.
    First, let’s invert Social Security (SS), to wit: SS is actually subtle with something, and this is when you should apply. SS counts on you applying too early. Once you begin receiving your benefits, YOU CAN NOT REAPPLY after you discover “oops.” You are stuck for the rest of your life with what you signed up for. I fortunately and happily and surprisingly discovered by local SS office was efficient, and tmy fellow grunt clerks were super. I, therefore, learned about the subtle points of SS.
    Essentially note this: SS has a sweet spot to max out things--for you, not them!
    Actuarial-wise, you are supposed to die in your early 70s, but more and more of us are not. SS to counter this, wants you to lock yourself in at crummy monthly checks, so SS won’t have to pay the best rate by you waiting to that sweet spot where you lock yourself in at the best rate of SS. For example, let me do this crude example with not real numbers:
    1. I can retire for $100 a month at 62. $110 at 63, and so on up in notches
    2. At 71, I can retire at $200, the max
    3. If I “over live” (which more and more of us are doing), then SS pays best for them, or SS is stuck with me retiring the best for me
    4. If I wait to 72, 73, or 80, etc., I am losing $$$ -- See this as a Bell Curve: you want to retire at the peak of the curve, not before, not after the peak to max out SS; and to do this, find a grunt at SS who will work with you – YOUR SWEET SPOT IS YOUR! SWEET SPOT TO “MINE” SS
    In Summary:
    • What you want is work with your local SS office for the peak of the Bell Curve! REMEMBER: ONCE YOU SIGN-IN, YOU ARE LOCKED INTO WHERE YOU ARE ON THE BELL CURVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO RE-Dos
    • Bottom line: befriend the fellow grunts working at your local SS office! You want to get locked in at YOUR peak SS withdrawals…There are no re-do’s once you sign up for SS…
    • Of course, verify, verify, verify all this for the latest hot skinny relating to you! TurboTax does not offer a program for the Rabbit Hole
    Interesting stuff this week that snagged my attention:
    Netflix Hidden Gem: “Train to Buzan” (Korean, so turn on your subtitles before you click to see)... I confess I was surprised... Were I Hollywood Titan I would remake this as something like "Train to Atlanta" and definitely use the child actress in this movie...

    And working on:
    Cramer mentioned something about watching in real time store traffic via satellite, so I am looking for this FREE here, albeit my work is crude as I work on "mining" FREE stuff...


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