Week of 12/12/16: Womp, Womp, Womp is in the air!

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    Wow-Wee, Christmas is in the air, but the weather is so frightful…Nice though to once again have an "agency" to be able to turn in suspicious people who wish me a "Happy Holidays," rather than "Merry Christmas" in the never ending War on Christmas....

    Visited my nearest Walmart and was glad to see the Salvation Army guy could ring his bell while standing just inside the entry door…Not use to having him though being a mime bell ringer, but this is Walmart…Visited the bathroom, no Hillary-like screeching sounds of strain emanating from any of the busy stalls…Notice Walmart is now using those new shopping carts that come with the wheels already ready to go womp, womp, womp...

    Them thar dastardly spy agencies are busy, busy, busy devils even during the holidays--Oh, my goodness, gracious!

    Speaking of Hillary if you are in her clique: she should back off, I keep warning her, with a new president in the wing who might sic the IRS and Justice Department on her…Look, we conservatives swallowed and accepted Obama, but we still got the IRS and Justice "Gender Bathroom Worrying" Department on our behinds…And, and I would stop taunting Putin even after doing a deal with him…I am no Putin fan, but, hmm…I do not think if my poop no longer stank I would not want him to release what he really has on me…..He, as well as the IRS, FBI, CIA, MI-5, Russian and Chinese and so on Spy Services have some pretty heady stash of documents...

    Dear Santa, I have been a very good lad this year and would love a major, major document dump on all those in the Washington Cesspool, a real war between all the spy networks this Xmas--PUB-LEAZE, OH, PURITY PUB-LEAZE

    Darn it, just learned the Democrats have learned their lesson by turning over ALL their IT work to Mr. Patel in India..DANG IT!

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