Week of 11/27/17: Amazon "eyes" Facebook & Google Search

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    Mysterious black building are popping up around this world with many serviced by drones. Is this an “Area 51” for Amazon?
    In what is whispered as being too audacious even for Amazon, rumors, nevertheless, are swirling around Silicon Valley that Jeff Bezos may take on both Facebook as well as Google’s famed search engine in 2018.
    “With its own social media and search engine, as well as buying the Firefox browser, the synergism would definitely work in the favor of Amazon,” whispered one insider. “With passion only Trump appreciates, Amazon could become Trump-like. Politicians—even Trump—would be terrified to bring monopoly charges against Bezos, because Amazon, as with Trump, the customer/voter comes first. At best, I can only sound the alarm.”
    Recent moves up in the stock price of Twitter indicates to many on Wall Street that Amazon may have its sights on the famed chat box.
    As America goes into 2018, Wall Street and Washington wonder what is the next bold move, or moves, for Amazon? Would the world be better served, or happier, TOTALLY inside an “Amazon Matrix”? Could, could “Obama Care” become “Amazon Care”?
    Polls indicate an overwhelming yes to anything with the stamp of “Amazon.”
    Sources within “Team Michelle Obama for President in 2020” is exploring an Amazon link-up.
    Said one source, “Trump taught us the importance of connecting with the Sheeples—who can vote, and who could vote via Amazon Vote app. Ways could be found to reward Michelle votes using an Amazon Vote app ” (More)

    Bitcoin Primer
    • 99% of people who use the internet today don’t know how it works. And guess what? They don’t need to. The fact that it does work is what matters.
    • The breakthrough in 2018 will be the early stages of a user-friendly way for grandmother and grandfather to use this form of fiat money—think what the browser did for the internet, e.g., contrast typing to simply typing amazon.co
    • Fiat (or a state of mind) money is issued by a cluster of central authorities. These central authorities determine what the price is to borrow this type of money, they issue it with wild abandon most regularly to their friends, and here’s the mind blowing part:
    • More than 20 of these central authorities in control of this money have their interest rates at negative—Armies of acronyms LEGALLY enforces these state of minds: might makes right
    • In 2018, a Black Swan event will occur, so an out-of-the-blue major crash of some sort will occur, for as good guys work to exploit the Bitcoin concept, the bad guys are doing so, as well—therefore, DO NOT BELIEVE THE DISTRIBUTED DATABASE (BLOCKCHAIN) CONCEPT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE BAD GUYS—BET ON SOME PORTION OF THE BITCOIN CONCEPT BEING CRACKED!
    • Complexity creates flaws (think of the tax code) that will be exploited…Bad guys have not thrown up their hands! Hacking as well as Ponzi and Multi-Level Marketing schemes will come—very, very, very soon…
    • Governments also will not idlily sit back: expect such things as governments outlawing ISPs allowing “you” to anonymously use this form of fiat currency--China does it with a combination of censorship and bullets in the back of the head, while Saudi Arabia prefers basic beheading along with censorship
    • Outlawing VPNs (masking your location) will be easy: in the US, the Supreme Court will REWRITE the U.S. Constitution as needed, e.g., remember how the Supreme Court found a way to “legalize” a major part of Obama Care, and earlier, the Income Tax
    • The FTC continually okays Multi-Level-Marketing schemes after a fine (i.e., bribe)
    • (We Old Watchers of "Mad Money" well remember when Cramer loved Herbalife as much as he now does Salesforce)
    • Think a court or government acronym won’t okay something against its Sheeples, particularly the most vulnerable, e.g., some Multi- Level BS? Dream on, my teenage queen….As with those who today willing to "take a bullet" for the Bitcoin concept, many will buy into the first Multi Level Scheme!
    • Cesspool, D.C. is not your friend….
    • Thus, Ease of Use and Complexity create Black Swans—the UNKNOWABLE EVENT—masked with THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT
    • However, ten years out, the “Bitcoin” concept will be flourishing with much of it illegal—think how pot is treated
    This final thought: aspirin was the last major government mistake. Aspirin is the “Swiss knife” of drugs. How it ever slipped by becoming a prescription drug I find amazing. Legal “Bitcoin” will NOT be the next “aspirin.” The governmental acronyms will want control and complexity. To legally use the “Bitcoin” concept, expect a TurboTax type front end to be needed. Government can monitor this—and will! Ditto the bad guys….
    • Enjoy "This Time Is Different" theatre….
    • The Black Swans are not extinct, for, as with buzzards, Black Swans await their next feasting….
    Here is a prediction with a date: 2018 will be a nasty, nasty year for many in the Wonderful World of Cryptocurrency


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