Week of 10/23/17: Old Man Mister Death Teams with Lady Karma

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    On, lordy, how bountiful these times are for an hard-core cynic, thank you, god! Old Man Death and Lady Karma are getting ready for a bountiful few months ahead, first, with the phony lefties continuing to eat their own to the point at times they forget Trump/Putin/Illuminati …
    How Congress plays by different rules on sexual harassment and misconduct
    —WHO KNEW… Even a Bushy is involved, but really, after a certain age, rejoice a 90-year old still has the juice!….
    Hilda Beast refuses to get off the stages, so do not be shocked, I mean as shocked as finding whores in a whore house, she does not do a current version of a wee hour visit to Ft. Henry Park (Cosmic Justice can be such an Ouch!) Seriously, at 70, she is to be trusted….
    Obviously, Pizza Gate was fake news Nancy P. may be soon doing a “Ft. Henry Park” at this rate—Ladies, get off the stage, or well, “Ft. Henry Park” time….
    The newly released documentation to the Kennedy assassination has an either/or: IF it involved a conspiracy, then documentation has been cleaned. If not, then Harvey did what he did—watch IF documents after all these years are withheld by Cesspool, D.C.

    Retiring Extremely Okay Tips: when adding a professional to your life, IF possible, ensure s/he will NOT be retiring before you die—WHY?! Bringing a new pro into your life, such as a doctor or dentist or lawyer, will mean s/he will want to start their own Baseline for your issue. This means ripping out much of the previous dental work, new imaging, et cetera new, new, new. You want a pro who only has to open your file and go ALREADY, “Ah, I remember why I did such and such.” Care and procedures often are relative! Little in the Real World is yes or no, right or wrong…

    Look, get-your-damn-flu-shot, unless you are some high income Lizard that can afford being ill: the influenza virus is tricky: not only are there three types — A, B and C — there are also within-type subgroups of the virus that are classified based on the number of certain proteins that they have on the outside. This is why when you hear of a flu virus, you’ll often hear some letters and numbers; for example, H1N1 and H3N2 are common sub-types of virus… If you're under 10 or over 65 it can be scarily fatal... (Ref) I confess I am a Vaccine Addict--I LOVE VACCINES! I to the core will avoid being sick!

    As Amazon “eyes” health insurance, fearful surgeons are increasing their turn-around time by not washing their hands… Doctor Anonymous says his medical center has stop watches on its surgery. Up to two hours of surgery time is saved per day by cutting out unnecessary luxuries, such as surgical scrubs, sharpened instruments and using an anesthetic. “What a shot of whiskey can still do is amazing,” he confesses. (Ref)

    Omaha, Neb. (BS News): Early Tuesday morning at a roadblock near 3555 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68131, authorities became “highly suspicious” of an ancient 1972 blue Ford Gran Torino when upon opening the trunk the authorities found $13B dollars in crisp million dollar notes. The 87-year old gentleman became a “person of interest.” A spokesman for the Nebraska State Patrol told a news conference the person of interest said he had sneaked out to make a “DQ run.” The gentleman, as with his antique vehicle, was well preserved. When questioned, he stated to the authorities, “I was having what them young folks call, I think, the munches. I wanted a DQ burger, Coke, and whipped cone of DQ ice cream.” Once identified, Mr. Warren Buffett was subsequently apologized to, “ass-kissed,” then under police escort allowed to continue on to the nearby DQ. Still (More)
    • A major, major shout-out to me, the Imbecile Investor, for owning Twitter long enough to sell low rather than high, thank you, I could not have done it without the help of so many gurus….
    • NFL owners embrace Imbecile Investing: piss in your “moat” and piss-off your customer base
    Question for my fellow Imbecile Investors: how to find the stash of cash of corporations “hiding” overseas—that is, how does my fellow Imbecile Investor discover this? For example, GE has nearly $90B, or Apple’s $230B that could be Repatriated, that is, brought home. Essentially, a fellow Imbecile Investor MUST DEDUCE this cash-stash. This list indicates for the fellow Imbecile Investor if stock in a company has cash-stash lurking should Repatriation occurs. We Imbecile Investor must continually work at losing money other than buying high to sell low. Folks at the discount brokers have to make a living, too.

    • Cryptocurrency Basics for the Imbecile Investor: this time it will be different, so buy this version of the “Brooklyn Bridge,” because anything “crypy” is for sure okay…. Cesspool, D.C. is going to let Cryptocurrency become established so the ordinary Pawn can evade the government watching…. The ever kind IRS is going to sit idly by and let this Cryptocurrency take over—The IRS is your friend!…
    • How can Bitcoin, etc. be outlawed?! Oh, say, outlawing your internet portal allowing you. I will use a VPN! Oh, smart you. You think Cesspool, D.C. would never outlaw you going to a VPN. You think the Supreme Court would support your privacy? You really do? The Sucker Line is forming over there. Remember, how it recently raze-ma-taz with Obama Care?
    • Do you really—I mean really—believe big time hackers will not break the Blockchain Concept? Really, you do? Okay, then you might want to buy the next Brooklyn Bridge… Factoid: China solves Cryptocurrency Issues with the investing style of a bullet in the back of the head…
    iPhone X and the “Osborne Effect” I loved my Osborne 1 computer with the word processing program WordStar! The computer was like a luggable anchor, but it had that special heft. I am a fan boy of heft. Sweet and dainy has never appealed to the inner me. Adam Osborne was in the Steve Jobs/Bill Gates era. Another computer of the era I loved was the Kaypro. I never took to the Apple, because this line seemed crude and expense compared to the Kaypro and Ozzy 1. WordStar faded, replaced by my favorite word processing program WordPerfect. I had no choice but then replace this program with Word. Unlearning a program is hard! My neurons fight like hell de-learning.

    Misc. Learning for My Fellow Imbecile Investor...
    Remember the animals, please...Our Guru, Cramer, does with his latest rescue pet "Nvidia"...Tell Cramer from me as if I count for often saying this!

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