Week of 10/2/17: Podcasts

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    Along with reading, Podcasts can augment knowledge herding and gathering. Most are free. They may be played at 2X to listen faster—without the quality sounding weird. I find podcasts in my area of interests, such as airlines and flying, medicine, provides insights by the pros—actual users. Learning early Microsoft’s Window 10 was liked by the tech community made an investment into Microsoft still is paying off. This would be true with both Google and Apple. Therefore, find podcasts in line with your investing interests. Aviation Weekly provides great insight into aviation. Airline Pilot Guy is a great insight into the airline industry. Within any podcasts other podcasts can be learned of worth investigating. I am all the time adding and subtracting podcasts. I want to learn while enjoying the podcast. With investment podcasts, I want to increase my predictive ability. Here, I want a precise time frame. Otherwise, I will have a forecast, much like this winter will be cold. Well, dah! Guess what: somewhere will be the coldest winter ever recorded. I've told you nothing. Most predictions are disguised forecasts.

    I also need to listen often to Alan Watts. The big deal is as with books is to learn to unsubscribe to podcasts that simply bore. Many high production podcasts are boring and overdone. Most are free; however, I do pay for my subscription to “Rush Limbaugh” and it is worth it without commercials. “No Agenda” is free and offers unique insights into the news. Unfortunately, most liberal podcasts center around ad hominem attacks against Trump. I demand precisely what and when! Make me mad, but do something other than personal attacks against Trump.

    Now that podcasting is becoming as open as YouTube videos, too many amateurs are churning out garbage for podcasting, particularly with no censors. Even those turned out by big time companies are boring, garbage. So, beware of boring crap when selecting a podcast. Other things to note:
    • Usually, the first 2 minutes of a podcast is useless chatter
    • The last few minutes is also useless chatter, many times about beer--beer chatter for some reason is considered in the podcast world as showing your coolness
    • Ads can be sped through, "Mad Money" in about 30-minutes
    • Again, add to and subtract from your podcast listening
    Other things from this week:
    Remember the animals, please

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