Question: Website for trading commodities and currencies.

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    Hi guys,

    I have a few questions that I need some answers too.

    a) I’m worried that I’ll sign up to a dodgy website, what are some safe websites that I can use to invest in currencies, shares and commodities? Which is also connected to multiple stoke markets around the world. Ideally, I am looking for low transaction fees; brokerage without advice.

    b) I am unsure how to invest in commodities (gold, oil, coal, iron ore). Do I find companies that trade heavily in the particular commodity (Ie Rio tinto = Iron ore) I am interested in and hope that the company’s shares will be heavily influenced by the commodity market? Or is there a way to invest directly in a commodity?

    c) Similar to my question with commodities; Is there a way I can directly invest/convert my currency into another country’s currency?

    Thanks everyone!


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