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    Top clicks this week
    1. Some charts that demonstrate how quickly the world is changing. (
    2. What it takes to retire (really) early. (
    3. Morgan Housel, ""Keep it simple. Don’t try to be a hero. Compounding takes a lot of time. Volatility is the cost of admission for high long-term returns." (
    4. What happens if you only buy when the market is 'cheap'? (
    5. The markets are running out of dumb money to exploit. (
    6. The best investors are open to changing their minds. (
    7. The Treasury yield curve continues to flatten. (
    8. Once you reach your investment goal you still need to find something to do with your money. (
    9. The sad story of the world's worst mutual fund. (
    10. When compounding gets interrupted. (
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