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    Top clicks this week
    1. Ten things everyone should know about personal finance. (
    2. Jesse Livermore, "It’s important to remember that as long as cash is yielding zero or something very low, there’s no arbitrage to force asset prices lower, no dynamic to force them to conform to some historically observed level or average." (
    3. Do. More. Sooner. (
    4. Why does the stock market continue to shrug off the chaos that is Trump? (
    5. Why the stock market has looked overvalued for much of the time since the 1990's. (
    6. Insights from Barry Ritholtz's discussion with Howard Marks. (
    7. Warren Buffett was notably quiet on this subject. (
    8. Think carefully about what goes in your "too hard pile." (
    9. Why momentum is the ultimate factor. (
    10. Two finance words that should never go together. (
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