The week of 11/28/16: Why I Sic'd Planned Parenthood onto the Family of the Little Drummer Boy

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    Ah, Xmas is in the air; and as clockwork, dreams of sugar plum, office parties offering chances to make an ass out of oneself …We learn retailers have been "smashing" all sorts of things, because as with sales, box stores must put up with other customer issues...
    The ever mirthful shoppers must always be alert to "deals" to stay up with the ever changing "what is beauty?" …."Eating healthy is still super important along with the candy canes," says one wise shopper …"Wipe those shopping cart handles," warns the U.S. Dept of Health …
    Still, as Chester, the , said many like what they find in the crowds ….
    As for Security, it is "baked" into our general framework, one big box store security pro from the scene told Cramer: "We are truly 360 degrees!" …
    Well, what 'bout those delicious lard-ass fights over junk?! Great news, we still have them, thank gawd! Where oh where do these lard ass women, wonderful towels, and TVs go after Xmas? Under the same rock as that insufferable rump, rump, rump-de-rump Little Drummer Boy? … Wash your brain out with something warm and fuzzy, because with Trump elected, Santa is back and updated ….

    Jim Cramer is in danger of "Breach of Contract" as he continues to be a Trumpster…Trump vows, "I will keep Jim in America, in America, he is an institution, one of the best, one of the best, I really like Jimmy, I really do" …
    Fed Chairman and Academic Lizard Janet Yellen is pinning a love letter to President Trump, "Look, being head of the Fed is a effing great job! If he (Trump) don't love me back, well, let me just says his first 100 days will, hm, have issues with a zillion basis point rise in the Fed Rate. just saying, just saying"

    President Obama is finally calming down after Hillary's loss

    WARNING, HILLARY C.: Do not answer the door this year: Saudi Arabia's chief executioner confirms he will be visiting America this holiday season and a certain "foundation" and presidential candidate to, to, let's just say, "make some refund collections this Xmas season"….


    Tip to Netflix comedian Kathline Madigan DO NOT STEAL THIS JOKE, BECAUSE IT IS STILL A GREAT JOKE! STOP IT, STOP IT RIGHT NOW! At least, do-not be so damn obvious with "joke theft"!

    YouTube list of FULL movies
    Word of the Week: "ghosting" …

    Thinking 'bout Thinking

    Et Cetera
    Trumpster Beat:
    My Method:
    Profile as the cops do: establish a Baseline: How does s/he NORMALLY ACT/REACT? Next, observe/relate the evidence…INVESTING WISE: I forget HOW I feel about X (though some things I refuse to invest in, such as slaughterhouses)! I will not be able to evaluate him until he is president and for a year at least! Too, I work at Being "Sherlockian"….
    Promise Scoreboard?
    • "…Stalin like purges…" NO! NO! NO! Trump has not, will not starve to death 6-million of us, nor will Trump have a secret police standing behind troops, shooting them, if one flees--Stalin was as vile as Hitler (Source)…Oh, Castro? He could do a Stalin like purge, too….
    • "…Hitler: Trump is not a Nazi, nor is he secretly an admirer, so flee, flee, flee anyone engaging in the Godwin's Law in the criticism of Trump….
    • Remember Mixed Metaphors? The use in the same expression of two or more metaphors that are incongruous or illogical when combined, as in “The president will put the ship of state on its feet.” (Source) For example, Trump is engaging in Stalin like purges!
    My Amateur Researcher Lab
    I continue to try to have such things as the latest Conference Calls listed in alphabetical order, as well as, super Stock Scouter once on M$ Money's web page....

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