The week of 11/21/16: Gave myself a gift right up there with Buffett!

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    Gave myself a gift this week: Had a Colonoscopy: NO PAIN! Nasty? Oh, yea, pre-Colonoscopy meant I had to have the "pipe" cleaned out, BUT, BUT, BUT totally, absolutely worth the nastiness! Over 50, step up and have one IF your doctor even hints at you needing one--INVESTMENT WISE: GREAT BOUNCE TO THE BUCK! I do EVERYTHING I can to actively avoid cancer! (I am also a Fan Boy of vaccines)….Let me also add investing first in yourself, guys, do-not be afraid of prostate exams and biopsies: again, NO pain! DO NOT BE EMBARASSED ABOUT ALL THIS, because, trust me, what you have south of your border ain't special--what is below these medical teams have seen lots of time before….Death is one thing, but the dying can be the bitch I want to avoid meeting!....My rule is if a doctor hurts you, change doctor--do not avoid having a lifesaving procedure, because of where God has located certain items, e.g., prostate….(Remember, Steve Jobs could today still be alive had he, well, read his bio)

    With the elections behind us, "What a great question" is beginning to swoon….

    OOPS, remember when the mob wanted Hamilton removed from the $10 bill?....OHMYGAWD, Part 2, Hamilton's view on "immigration"….G-D it, it is so, so effing hard being a Hypocrite-Non Reading Liberal! "We just want to follow the Mob-of-the-Moment," yelled the dashing, impish wunderkind possibly future Secretary of Defense Maquel "tatter tot" Chabon….GOOD NEWS, "We're back and regrouped and meaner than ever," grinned, the smug as ever, Goldman Sach's Chief Executive Lizard….

    Barry Ritholtz: The value of chance, serendipity, good fortune is far larger than we imagine; randomness is a much bigger part of our lives than we care to admit….The problem with Global Whatever is simply the future is inherently unknowable….Ben Graham: You can get in way more trouble with a good idea than a bad idea, because you forget that the good idea has limits… (More)

    SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Robert De Niro changes tune on Trump…Sorry, Canada, but you won't get Niro, HA, HA, HA…We were so worried!

    Not caring about your right to privacy, because you have nothing to hide is like arguing against free speech, because you have nothing to say -- Edward Snowden

    This Thanksgiving, I continue to be pleased Gawd does not let electricity freeze as water….

    Confirmed Thursday, Albert Einstein was right again: "Past the throat all food is vomit"

    Netflix has a new "Dexter" like series: "Spotless"…. "The Confessions of Thomas Quick" on Netflix turns interesting toward the middle… Click on Subtitles under the tab of what you select to watch in Netflix to select a new language to learn, e.g., Spanish….

    Trumpster Beat:

    Profile as the cops do: establish a Baseline: How does s/he NORMALLY ACT/REACT? Next, observe/relate the evidence….INVESTING WISE: FORGET HOW YOU-U FEEL ABOUT HIM!
    As a Trumpster my expectation are as follows 1 yr out:
    • 33%, pleased
    • NO-O, he is just another lying Washington skunk. 33%
    • 33% hmmm, no real opinion
    • 1% turning into a 100%, OHMYGAWD….
    Trump has tread softly until he is sworn in, because Obama is.....

    Alphabetical listing of Conference Calls….
    RSS allows you to create your own news service .... Simply go to "Search" in your aggregator, select, then stay up on the news--you want and TRUST!....Easy to speed through to articles you want to read…. Select the NY Times' front page to see what the mainstream news media and Wall Street will be "herding on" for the day….

    Please save a pet at your local Kill Shelter, beginning with the most unwanted….Love makes any pet beautiful....

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