Stock Watchlist Novermber 6th - On a Roll! TAGG VRNG paid quite well.

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    Here were my day-trades alerted in chat on Monday:

    TAGG: .2101 to .2401 (14% gain)
    VRNG: 3.17 to 3.42 (7.8% gain)
    VRNG 3.53 to 3.92 (11% gain - also alerted via text message Monday)

    Still have open trades that will be posted after the fact. If you want real time alerts, join us in the chat room!

    Chat log will be posted soon for verification of entry and exit posts for members. We also had plenty of other ideas that proved profitable: NTE OSG ICAD WNYN PRTN etc. 4 straight days of all green day-trades for me. Let's keep it going! Election day could be fun!


    Election Day Watchlist:

    VRNG - Rumor of Jury questions for the Judge in favor of VRNG sparked the run Monday. We played it quite well as noted above. Looking for another opportunity on Tuesday.


    NTE - Beauty alerts on this all day, kept setting up over and over to make money to the upside. There was a reason I mentioned it last week to watch for the 12 break! But now hoping it spikes quick in the morning and will be stalking it for a short opportunity.


    ICAD - Not sure what I am going to do with this yet, but its on watch. 'XHUO' alerted it quite early on Monday for nice chance to make coin off of it.


    OSG - Nice if you took idea from Monday's watchlist. Pretty much as expected. A few in chat made dough off of it. Looking for follow through if they don't release earnings. If they release earnings, who knows what it could do.


    EGHT - breakout watch.


    CLSN - worth watching as it looks due to head back up.


    ROYL - consolidating just below 3. Watch for volume increase and push through it; as it might pop like it did back in September if it goes.


    OTC's: Old pumps coming to life, you're a day late if you chase too high Tuesday, but they are worth watching for a decent setup: PRTN GWBU GBGM VLNX RARS etc. Other OTC's to watch: TAGG PWEID AMBS SRGE WNYN EXPU

    Happy Trading!
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