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    People are tired of the Republicans(dems winning congress is proof). So I predict that John Edwards will win the elections and become the next president. Hillary is running, but she'll never win, neither will Obama. But either one could join Edwards as a running mate and become vice president. How about that...?
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    I think Hillary will win the Democratic nomination. She has the money and lots of backers. She won't win the national election because I don't think any current red states would vote for her and I can think of a few blue states that would not vote for her either. That's why she wanted the electoral college eliminated. She just has too many negatives to win. Obama is just a media created celebrity. I don't think he's qualified to be Vice President, yet alone leader of the free world. Edwards is a smooth talking personal injury lawyer with really no substance. And he wouldn't have been elected again as a senator in North Carolina. I don't think Gore would win either. He had his shot and lost in his home state of TN.

    It's looking like Giuliani has a pretty good shot of winning the Republican nomination. McCain seems too old and bitter. I don't trust McCain. I could vote for Giuliani. What he did for New York was amazing. He got them out of debt and drastically reduced crime. I think the best candidate is Newt Gingrich. If he runs, he'd be easily the smartest politician running. The man is brilliant, even if you disagree with his policies. I doubt anyone could come close to beating him in a debate. He knows the facts and has pretty good pragmatic solutions to most problems. Newt's problem is the liberal media hates him so much. They hate him more than Bush. Another great candidate would be Jeb Bush, but he won't run becuase the country has Bush fatigue. It's unfair, since he was a great governor, but in politics, timing is everything. He'll probably run in 2012 if a Democrat wins in 2008. He might be a solid choice for VP since that would probably lock up FL for the GOP. But the smart choice for VP on the GOP ticket is the Gov. of Minnesota(Tim Pawlenty). I think Bill Richardson or Ed Rendall would be good picks for the Dem. VP. I think both of them would be better presidential candidates than the current dem front runners.
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    My feelings on the two parties are we have two choices. One party is for more government and the other is for much more government.
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    I think Hillary could take this thing. With all the negativs she has, including being a certified communist, she is the media's darling. This country is too stupid to think for itself and the vast majority if those out there are uninformed / too busy / too lazy to investigate, rsearch, and think for themselves. They will be spoon fed that Hillary is America's savior. She'll slander the $#!t out of her contenders and easily win the Democratic nomination.

    The Republicans don't have anything to counter her with. McCain is a joke He's soft, not carismatic, and Hillary is touher on border control than this old fart is. No one has even heard of Mit Romney, and as much as I fel Rudy would be grat for the country he'll have a hard time winning the support of the those hard core fanatics on the religios right. We must remember he's been married thrice, dressed in drag, and is pro-gay rights. All things I don't really give a damn about but I'm a moderate. The Republican base are religious zealots and they may not come out en masse to support Giuliani which might cost him the election.

    American politics have become so screwed up it's insane. The lefts base are strait socialists/communists and the Republican base are religous zealots. People like me, in the middle, are screwed.

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