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  1. tarik

    tarik New Member

    hi everyone im new to all this trading and am currently just getting my accounts all setup at the moment etc. was just wondering what websites/programs (if any) that you always have open on your pc during your trading hours.
  2. Maverick_Investor

    Maverick_Investor New Member

    That's not basic! That's a pretty important question!

    For me, it's the following...

    My e-signal charting package (though you can start off with BigCharts, which is free)

    OptionsXpress, my options and stock trading platform (though I'm considering a move to Think or Swim).

    And IG Index for spread-betting on currencies and commodities (though if you're in the States, I think your government made this an illegal practice there. Probably because it's tax-free :biggrin:)

    Oh, and I also use Dynamic Trader 5.0 for currrency charts sometimes, though e-Signal largely makes this irrelevant now.

    Bear in mind I'm a full-time investor. You can get started with BigCharts, Yahoo! Finance and an online trading platform, no problem at all.

    Let me know if I can be of any further help.
  3. tarik

    tarik New Member

    no thats really helpful! i actually thought it be quite a basic question! im based in the uk. by kingdom of northumbria u mean tyne n wear area? im just down the road in county durham!
  4. MaryKay1965

    MaryKay1965 Member is the headquarters for DoublingStocks.......could it be???
    Nah......just a coincidence ;)

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