Right time for Rite Aid? - Cramer's Mad Money Stock Picks Recap 12/20/07

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    Cramer's Mad Money Daily Recap - Thursday, 12/20/07

    On Thursday's show, Cramer said he made a mistake when he named Rite Aid (<u><a href="http://quote.barchart.com/chart.asp?sym=RAD&code=BCMM" target="_blank">RAD</a></u>) one of his speculative stocks of the year. Now, after seeing it wasn't working and getting out, Cramer believes it may be time to get back in again. Cramer said viewers must decide if now is the right time, but according to his rules you should wait another quarter to buy.

    Accenture (ACN) (Lightning Round)
    Apple (AAPL) (discussed on Mad Money)
    CR Bard (BCR) (discussed on Mad Money)
    Du Pont (DD) (Lightning Round)
    Eaton (ETN) (discussed on Mad Money)
    Eaton (ETN) (mentioned on Stop Trading!)
    eBay (EBAY) (Lightning Round)
    Goldman Sachs (GS) (featured stock)
    Harris (HRS) (Lightning Round)
    Honeywell (HON) (discussed on Mad Money)
    In Motion (RIMM) (discussed on Mad Money)
    Ingersoll (IR) (mentioned on Stop Trading!)
    Lindsay (LNN) (mentioned on Stop Trading!)
    Medco Health Solutions (MHS) (CEO interview)
    Monsanto (MON) (Lightning Round)
    Potash (POT) (mentioned on Stop Trading!)
    Raytheon (RTN) (discussed on Mad Money)
    Synchronoss (SNCR) (Lightning Round)
    Winnebago (WGO) (mentioned on Stop Trading!)
    Yamana Gold (AUY) (Lightning Round)

    Apex Silver Mines (SIL) (Lightning Round)
    Coach (COH) (Lightning Round)
    Hill International (HINT) (featured stock)
    Moog (MOGA) (featured stock)
    Patterson (PDCO) (Lightning Round)
    Rite Aid (RAD) (CEO interview)
    Savvis (SVVS) (Lightning Round)

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