Research: Week of 10/3/16 focus was on Hypocrite-Liberals

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    Cramer is a liberal Democrat, okay, no problem; however, when much of "Mad Money" this past week was on the hypocrite liberal, my skin crawls! (I have just voted for Trump hoping to see him win and watch the hypocrite liberals suck up to him)

    Case Studies

    Wednesday, billionaire venture capitalist and urban cowboy Chris Sacca told Jim Cramer that few people from Wall Street and Silicon Valley are willing to back GOP nominee Donald Trump. This is a rare instance of the business community being largely united for one candidate, because of her openness and sheer honesty.
    Did you notice something in passing? Sacca sped by with a comment I inferred he did the same thing as Donald Trump did with LEGAL tax avoidance? Now, re-listen to the above interview again….Did you catch it now? Why did he even mentioned this?

    Next, Cramer gave Mark Cuban a pulpit to set up his 2020 presidential run against Michelle "My Belle" Obama in 2020. What other reason warranted Cuban's visit? Honestly, re-listen to the interview….Did his visit shade any light on anything new? This segment was a pure waste other than give Cuban air time! Oh, to Cuban, note: you turning off a huge segment of voters with that presidential run gleam in your eyes, ain't wise! I sure will remember. I refuse to drink Starbuck coffee, because Howard Schultz is another hypocrite liberal, supporting Hillary, because she is so honest. GOOD GAWD!

    Is Salesforce's Marc Benioff any less egocentric than his nemesis and evil twin Trump? Shut your eyes and LISTEN to the interview of "I…", "I…", "I…"

    Cramer loves Turbo Tax. On Wednesday's "Mad Money," Turbo Tax's CEO told a pleased Jim Cramer about the success of Turbo Tax products
    Implied, this was due to bringing "Donald Trump" like accounting to the masses. "Jim, no one clicks on a Turbo Tax product and indicates, 'I want NO legal accounting tricks used in a hopeless, stupid complex tax code.' Jim, do you tell your accountants you won't no-o legal deductions?"
    Do you? I sure don't! Trump would be a total idiot if he did not take his LEGAL tax avoidance, as the rest of us!
    The IRS allows you, me, Cramer, Buffett, Cuban, Sacca, and so on to pay in full with NO LEGAL avoidance--You can donate to the IRS any extra savings -- Cramer, Buffett, Cuban, and Sacca, have you? Well, brag about it! Really show up Trump! Brag about taking no LEGAL deductions! You hypocrite liberals even donated extra money to the IRS! Create your own damn tax increase, good gawd! Simply walk your damn talk, then brag.

    • With "Mad Money," you have to note subtle points, particularly when Jimbo goes hypocrite liberal
    • Pay attention to something mentioned in passing, e.g., Sacca's comment

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