Research: The Wild Fetching World of the Week of 9/26/16

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    Clinton in a landslide — in endorsements: Do they matter?
    I wonder if it is just me, but the more I see of this, the more I become a "Trumpster"… I so dislike and distrust cronyism and Kleptocracy! I love seeing these rats scurry…I love pissing off my betters! I will be setting out a lot of buy-traps if Trump wins, because this group will scurry, yelling "MAMA, MIA, THE SKY IS FALLING!" (Remember the Brexit vote?) The stock market should collapse, setting off my traps for bargain basement buys! Tip: see, AT&T and the like will not evaporate

    • “Zipper Merge” are drivers that don’t merge until forced, say at a construction site...How should / could this merge be stopped? Should it? Do you "Zip"? (Answer)
    • Brushing your teeth going up or downstairs? (Answer)
    • What is a fallacy-fallacy? (Answer)
    • Calling Icahn's Bluff On Herbalife
    • If Wall Street gurus are so prescient, then why is not at least one of these gurus the richest person in the world? Why are they forced to survive on their outrageously expensive newsletters?
    How the Lizards, Cockroaches, & Kitty Kats be doing this past week? Glad you asked, thank you

    Paramount Takes $115 Million Write-Down for the Movie "Monster Truck" That won't be Released until Jan 2017 (WSJ)…HERE, HERE, PAY RAISES ALL 'ROUND, ME LADS & LASSIES, SCREW THEM THAR INVESTORS….(Developing)

    Reality Check on Musk’s Mars Plan

    Brig. Gen. Michael "Dumb Ass" Bobec, an Army National Guard general on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has been fired from his job following an extramarital affair, and interviews and records show that he had also negotiated a job and lived rent-free in the home of a defense contractor

    : the Army also announced the abrupt dismissal of one of its rising stars, Maj. Gen. Wayne Grigsby, commander of the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kan. Military officials did not disclose Bobeck’s firing, nor did they announce the sacking this spring of the so-called swinging general, Maj. Gen. David Haight, whose lascivious lifestyle ended his once-promising career.They likely would have richly retired quietly if their cases had not been discovered. (WELL, DAH-H, YA THANK?!) (USA TODAY)

    ANOTHER "FIGHTER TO NOWHERE" BURST INTO FLAMES while preparing to be hauled to the Busted Butt, Montana, Air Museum…
    "We-will-continue getting these non-flying, for display only, F-35 fighters to a museum near you," said Air Force General Buck Turgidson speaking for the Pentagon. "The economy needs this make work project!"
    Dr. Merkw Ÿrdigichlieb added, "If ve vare infaed ve vill vave nuclear veapons vaiting in museums" (Developing)


    To calm the animals for their big day, Hormel is thinking of making the animal's plant entrances into petting zoos at the company's various (now called) "Plants of Enlightment" …. Psychopath Warehouse CEO Hannibal Lecter has become THE GO-TO tailor to Wall Street: "I want to make it comfortably faster for Wall Streeters to pass as humans," Mr. Lecter says ….. Retired (and still dead) Beverly Hills banker Mr. Milburn Drysdale confirmed Good Will has a new organization called Fantastic Will for the top 1% who may be hitting a rough patch--"For example, we have a Gulfstream g650 for only 75-million dollars" … Next Wednesday's "Off the Chart" segment of "Mad Money" the Fibonacci Queen will join Mr. Jim Cramer in her announcement McGruff the Crime Dog Is coming out of retirement to aid her in tracking down the more delusive Fibonacci numbers …. Wonder Woman writer confirms superhero is queer: "If you come from Themyscira, an island populated only by Amazonian women, well-dah," says creator Greg Rucka …. Gawd is reportedly about to issue a dispensation on how the Tesla does not pollute. Heavenly arc angel Gabriel explains: "When charging off the grid, Gawd is not going to allow Tesla charging to be charged off on energy use by the electrical grid. Here in Heaven, we all are fan boys and gurls of Mr. Elan Musk. Just this one time, coal, oil, and nuclear power may be freely used IF it involves the Tesla."


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