Research: The Crazy, Wonderful Week of 9/19/16

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    With the Fed, forget the Official Stuff, but go with simple Game Theory….
    Remember Predicting has 3 parts:

    1. time
    2. criteria
    3. and %
    Game Theory 1-0-1 has 3 parts
    1. How can I win?!
    2. Have my ego masturbated
    3. Privatize the positive / socialize loses
    • November 1 & 2 Rate Hike. NO, WAY / NO HOW! (99%), because Janet Y wants a Democrat to win to keep her great job, but, but, BUT! Watch her after the November 8th election, because if Cruz can do it, so will she--She does not want to blow her great job! You will see a lot of this switching if Trump wins…. Remember GAME THEORY IF TRUMP WINS!!!!!! ... CYA: enjoy how many gutless, big talkers in Washington, Wall Street, Ivy League, and Hollywood scurry to Trump if he wins (I want him to win just to enjoy this) ... Oh, Barbara S and Hollywood will not flee to Canada, or Mexico, well, dah!
    • President Barack Obama used a pseudonym in email communications with Hillary Clinton and others, according to FBI records made public Friday. (Developing)
    • In the presidential debates, be on high alert for SHC… (Ohmygawd, how I want this!)
    • Siding With Saudi Arabia, Obama Vetoes Sept 11 Bill Passed Unanimously In Congress….Puke-Time: Watch on Netflix the docu on this wonderful crime family that runs the Saudi Arabia….
    In what has become an all-out War of "What a great question" vs. simply a good question, the United States of Amnesia continues its relentless move, up …. Australia and India are surging!...The EU president and UN president proposed a harsh tax against ALL USA Great Questions--allegations of Great Question dumping by the USA! (Continuing) ... Question Watchers are now on high alert for the presidential debates!

    Word of the Day: Divisor

    Cramer's idea for Amazon to enter being a stock broker, boo yah! ... Boo-yah to Walmart, Sam's, and Kroger for fighting back Amazon by offering Curb Side Pickup, nice ...Weird how Cramer mentions his daughter, not daughters, these days [He has 2 daughters ] ... New way to screw the Sheeples....! This is truly classic, congrats!

    Let's check in with Lizards, Cockroaches, and Kitty Kats to see what their latest shenanigans & antics are….

    [What is the average salary for a CEO? ... "Across all companies, the average CEO pay was $13.8 million per year, the average median worker pay was about $77,800, and the average ratio of CEO pay to median worker pay was 204. In other words, on average, CEOs earn around 204 times what his or her median worker earns." ... The average worker: $16.94 an hour]

    • JOKE of the Week: SEC Charges Omega's Leon Cooperman With Insider Trading…. Leo, pay the fine, and move on!
    • The first pay increase goes to: Samsung’s co-CEOs Kwon Oh-hyun and Yoon Boo-keun for their excellent work with handling the Exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets being apparently Apple’s fault…As Jimmy Cramer would say: BOOYAH!
    • The coveted "Al "Chainsaw" Dunlap" Snarky this week goes to…Microsoft's CEO Mr. Satya "Mr. Patel" Nadella ...Mr. Patel vowing more sacrifices may be needed in his full blown effort to be the highest paid CEO in the world. "Being in 13th place is quite frankly embarrassing as heck!" Another BOOYAH!
    • By the way, you rightfully ask, who is the top earning CEO? UNO NUMERO
    • Apple's 98th place CEO in pay Mr. Timmy Cook nixed having the tagline for Apple to be "We Manufacture Long Lines" … Mr. Cook explained to a swooning Jim Cramer the tag line is for internal use, only! The Board of Directors learning of this pay disparity, Friday, notified Forbes magazine the board has authorized for themselves and Timmy an unlimited number of iTunes gift cards and Forbes should count this on its next list of "Life$ Bigge$t Winner$! (Developing)
    • FREE legal advice to Deutsche Bank: pay the g-d fine and move on with a nice round of bonuses for all concern--Hell, it is the investors who pay, not you lizards, good gawd! MOVE ON! Don't become known as cheap!
    • The George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal, or Bridgegate, is a U.S. political scandal in which a staff member and political appointees of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) colluded to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey… Again, pay-the-freaking fines, and move on! It will be the tax payer paying, after all. In the United States of Amnesia we Amnesians do-not remember! Geez! Move on to the next g-d election!
    • Tuesday & Wednesday, "Pocahontas" had a "pissing contest" with "Pinocchio" to see who had the biggest "nose"…. Wells Fargo CEO Jon-Jon Stumpy and his nose (now called "Snout") took the blows, well… (Pocahontas's latest nose size)…(Jon-Jon's) ... (Still Developing)
    • Cartoon Network has in the works a cartoon series called "Stumpy & Snout" should a certain CEO retire to spend more time with the family…. Stumpy would use his faithful companion Snout to leap and swing from tall buildings, catch bullets, etc. ...
    • The Aroma of a Nice Retirement package is in the wind: IRS Commissioner John Koskinen expressed "regret" to Congress on Wednesday for his agency’s past mistreatment of tea party groups, but ahead of a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, the top IRS official said he has cooperated with congressional investigators "and does not deserve to be impeached." (Source)
    • Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison told Cramer on "Mad Money" the company would be extending its Alphabet soup line to include Fibonacci numbers….
    • 6-Flags Entertainment CEO James Reid-Anderson hinted the popular amusement park may be adding a "Sully Ride" for as early as next summer…"Jim, we have an internal project of adding as well as withdrawing rides, fast!"
    • Delta's CEO Mr. Richard Anderson on "Mad Money" stated he was not amused, criticizing 6-Flags plans, "because the ride could become known as the 'Belly Flop' with passengers wanting to ride 'up front' with the crew and do actual belly flops in an airliner…Need I remind your viewers we are huge, huge, serious 'flying petri dishes' with the only floating is in a lot of jet fuel!"
    • Air Force secretary Debbie James proudly announced the Air Force is spending a trillion dollars for a new fighter for immediate display at the Air Musuem located at Wright-Patterson AFB -- When asked about the cost, the secretary said, "This fighter will be all purpose, so both regular museums as well as air museums around the world can display this fighter. This will be a major, I mean, major, jobs program for this nation." The late Mississippi Senator Richard "Tally Wag" Head, who represented the only state not to receive part of the contracts to build the fighter display, called the plane "the fighter to nowhere."Senator Head shortly after this comment apparently shot himself in the back of the head 6 times….. Washington, D.C.'s police chief admits, "Folks 'round ear sho do commit sui-cide in some mighty pee-culiar ways out thar in Fort Marcy Park."
    • Area 51 strange activity….
    • When under attack, arm your enemy! The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, the real power center for the American government, has issued licenses to Airbus and Boeing allowing them to sell commercial airliners to Iran….ISIS has requested "blades" be added to the list…(Developing)
    • Disney's CEO Bobby Iger firmly rejected as a name for the next Superman movie will be "This Is a Payday Movie" … Supporting transgender, Iger hints the "reveal" will be Superman's alter ego can be either Clark Kent or Lois Lane, and Superman will become "SuperUnh?" … Disney said Wednesday it would no longer sell a boy's costume for a Polynesian character that some Pacific Islanders have compared to blackface. (Developing) ...
    • Chipotle co-CEO Steve Ells is denying the company has become a major supplier to the CDC
    • Cramer Favorite, Mr. James Foster, the president and CEO of Charles River labs said the company has no plans for a takeover of Chipotle … "Although, Jim, I confess bio-chemist do like their food to move with them"….
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